[REVIEW] Scarlett Whitening Body Care: Body and Shower Scrub to Body Lotion

    Last week, after returning from my vacation in Bali, two packages that I had been expecting finally arrived – welcoming me back home. A week spent in Bali was lovely and worthwhile away from the busy city life. Basking in the warmth of the sun made me feel energized immediately. Although, I still can’t stand being under the sun for too long.

    Every time I return from a vacation, the common comment that I hear is that I am so tanned. Getting tanned isn’t something I ever worry too much about. Instead, I love my tanned skin to some extent that my friends say I look healthier that way. However, tanned skin may create a healthier, look but it does necessarily mean healthy skin.

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    I get sweat easily, mainly staying in Jakarta with hot and humid weather probably caused by the pollution. Because of that, most of the days, I shower at least three times a day, or even more sometimes. Though I feel refreshed after showering, we all know that our skin tends to get dehydrated because of too much contact with soap or cleansing products.

    And also, some dirt on our skin won’t just wash away by us taking a shower, especially the dead skin cells. We need to exfoliate it either using a shower net or body scrub. Before the pandemic, when I am too tired and feel like going for body treatment, I will just jump to the beauty center near where I stay. But, since the pandemic, I have hardly gone there anymore.

    So, this is where the two packages I mentioned earlier come to the rescue! One package is the body care series of products from Scarlett Whitening, and another one is the face care products from the same brand. The first impression after I opened up the package, I had already kind of fond of the products. There are body treatment products and face care products. Let’s find out what I got here for the body care.

    Scarlett Whitening Body Scrub Coffee

    It comes in a 250 ml plastic jar, sealed. I love the coffee scent of this body scrub. It doesn’t smell too strong, which makes me feel sick. For the texture, I would say it has that buttercream-like consistency with tiny beads, which I find interesting. The scrub cream itself has a very light brown close to beige color. Buttercream texture with coffee smell, I feel like I am messing with a cake, in a good way. Ha!

    For a quick test of the product’s effectiveness and documentation purposes, I experimented on my hands. I applied it on the back of my left hand and left the right hand untouched to see any difference after the scrub. I took a decent amount and left it for a while before I started rubbing it. Not long, I could see the cream starting piling up in small bits like dirt.

    The scrub didn’t hurt my skin at all. I don’t think we need to rub too hard; instead, gently but repetitively is more recommended. It will remove the dead skin cells eventually. I rinsed my hand on running water and pat dried using a paper towel. I couldn’t tell the difference from the look, just that I could feel my skin was smoother and more hydrated after that. And, of course, it smelled good!

    It is recommended to use the body scrub one to two times a week to remove the dead skin cells that prevent our skins from absorbing all the benefits from the skincare products that we use. And also, it helps to relax our mind and body, too. If you don’t like the coffee scent, Scarlett Whitening Body Scrub has options of Romansa and Pomegranate that give you more floral and fruity aromas. 

    Scarlett Brightening Shower Scrub Coffee

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    Next is the Shower Scrub that is also in coffee scent! I poured a bit on my dry hand to get a feel of the liquid texture. It has a thick consistency similar to gel, except it is more fluid. It was pretty sticky on my dry hand. I dripped some water onto it and rubbed my hand, and I could see foams formed fast. Although it is a shower scrub, I could barely feel the beads. Hence, it was still lovely as the follow-up product after the body scrub. It removes the impurities on our skin and also freshen up our body. The coffee aroma is excellent!

    Scarlett Brightening Shower Scrub Coffee comes in a 300 ml bottle. It is also available in other variants, such as cucumber, mango, and pomegranate. Scarlett Brightening Shower Scrub is safe for daily shower and is suitable for any skins type.

    Scarlett Whitening Body Lotion Jolly

    The last one from the Scarlett Whitening Bodycare range is the body lotion. There is plenty of body lotion in the market. Some are more watery; some are thick and sticky. However, the body lotion texture for the Scarlett Whitening Body Lotion Jolly is thick yet still easy to apply. The best part, it doesn’t make me feel sticky after the application. It is light and easy to absorb by our skins, too!

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    My hands tend to be the driest because of the house chores, where I have to wash piles of baking tools and dishes almost every day since I started my home bakery. So by placing it on my work desk, whenever I sit at my work desk working, it will be convenient for me to pump and apply lotion on both hands whenever I want. And more every time after taking a shower.

    The body lotion has a pleasant floral scent. Previous body lotions I had before either don’t smell, or the smell is too strong. But for this Scarlett Brightening Body Lotion, I think this is the body lotion with the scent that I like so far. It is always recommended to apply body lotion every day to rehydrate our skins, especially after exfoliating.

    The Experiment Result After One Time Using the Scarlett Whitening Body Scrub, Body Shower, and Body Lotion

    Was it only me, or did you also notice a slight improvement on the back of my left-hand skin color after exfoliating? It looked brighter slightly compared to my right-hand skin that didn’t get any treatment. For sure, I believe that the body scrub did help to remove all the dead cell skins that might have stuck too long on my skin and the body lotion, which helped to hydrate my skin.

    All the body care products from Scarlett Whitening contains Vitamin E, Collagen, Glutathione and Niacinamide and Kojic Acid. In a simple explanation, the Scarlett Whitening body care products do contain all the goodness that our skin needs – brightening, hydrating, nurturing, and refreshing. Furthermore, Scarlett Whitening products are not tested on animals, are halal, and are also safe as it is registered in the Food and Drugs Authority in Indonesia.

    So, what do you think of Scarlett Whitening Bodycare products? Will you give it a try? And if you do, which one likely will you be getting? Let me know in the comment box below!

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