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Loba-Loba Cave Diving in Buton Tengah

Loba-Loba Cave is just one of the underwater caves found in Buton Tengah. Many other underwater caves with various challenges in Buton Tengah have been found and mapped by the local divers.

A Glimpse of Light on Mount Agung

" With my current speed, what time do you think we can reach summit? " I remember that. I still remember vividly the feeling when I was on this mountain, Mount Agung, a year ago. I am back again this year with...

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Kelabba Madja, Natural Wonder of Sawu Island

Eight hours by ferry ship off from Kupang, it will get us to this small island located between Sumba and Rote Island, which has gone under the spotlight of East Nusa Tenggara (Nusa Tenggara Timur) in Indonesia for quite a while....

BeMyGuest: Nature Trip in the Countryside of Indonesia – Sightseeing in Puncak

I was at the hotel lobby where I requested to be picked up from for the Nature Trip in the Countryside of Indonesia Tour. My friend fell sick the night before, so I went alone for the tour. The tour was...

Photo Story

Singapore Night Festival

Singapore Night Festival is an annual event showcasing the light shows and performance in the major area of Singapore. It is a good opportunity for photographers...


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