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Taka Bonerate: The Real Hidden Gem of South Sulawesi

TA-KA BO-NE-RA-TE Please repeat after me. β€’ β€’ β€’ Taka Bonerate. My friend once told me how beautiful this place is. I still remember reading his long email describing this place which is only a boat ride away from his hometown. However, that time...

Loba-Loba Cave Diving in Buton Tengah

Loba-Loba Cave is just one of the underwater caves found in Buton Tengah. Many other underwater caves with various challenges in Buton Tengah have been found and mapped by the local divers.

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Seafood Restaurant in Jimbaran

Bali is one of the islands in Indonesia and it is famous for its nature, beaches, handcrafts and also SEAFOOD! Talk about seafood in Bali, then we shall not miss Jimbaran! Seafood restaurants in Jimbaran area in Bali are one of...

Sneak Preview: LRT Jakarta

To date, with more than 260 millions of population in Jakarta, we clearly know that relying solely on buses and microbuses in this big city is no longer a sufficient solution.

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Fall in Love with New Zealand

New Zealand has been in my travel wish list for very..very..long..time since I knew that the movie scenes of Lord of the Rings were taken at...


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