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6 Ultimate Places in Majalengka You Should Not Miss If You Love Outdoor

Never heard of Majalengka? If so, how about Bandung? I bet you have heard of it often or probably have been there countless time. Well, do you know that moving away from Bandung, about two hours and thirty minutes drive, you...

Chena Hot Spring Resort & Aurora Ice Museum in Fairbanks

It is as if we didn't feel cool enough outside there in Anchorage. But we were told that the best place to view the northern light is in Fairbanks. So, after few days stayed in Anchorage, my sister and I flew...

Discover Indonesia

Art for Sale in Ubud: Celuk Silver & Karya Mas Gallery

This is a sequel from my previous post Travel with Strangers to Wonderful Bali. Good morning, Bali! That's the view from our hotel we stayed, Best Western Premier, at Kuta. Feeling was great. Emily was my roommate and we woke up earlier that...

Bunaken & Lembeh: Which One Shall I Go?

I and friends were in Gorontalo, to be exact, in Pulo Cinta or Love Island – the eco-resort that has become one of the favourite stops for people who go to Gorontalo. Pulo Cinta is about 2 hours car ride away from the...

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Fall in Love with New Zealand

New Zealand has been in my travel wish list for very..very..long..time since I knew that the movie scenes of Lord of the Rings were taken at...


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