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Welora: The New Paradise for Divers in the Southwest of Maluku

"Tracy, where to next? You gotta find out more places to explore so we can join you again!" A few of my friends asked me...

Please Take Care of Me – Dive in Tulamben, Bali

With the dive tank on our back, fins on our hands, we walked cautiously on the beach full of small pebbles and entering the...

6 Ultimate Places in Majalengka You Should Not Miss If You Love Outdoor

Never heard of Majalengka? If so, how about Bandung? I bet you have heard of it often or probably have been there countless time....

ReActivate Scuba Diving – Practice Diving in Swimming Pool Jakarta

Reactivate Scuba Diving. For those who have not been diving for more than six months are advised to take up this program.

Sukawana Dream Village in Majalengka: Where Education and Fun are Combined and Dreams are Born

About 3 km away, not far from the newly opened Kertajati International Airport or Bandara Internasional Jawa Barat (BIJB), if we drive along the...

Things to do in Bandung: Visit Deer Sanctuary in Taman Hutan Raya Ir. H. Djuanda in Bandung

Bandung is one city in Indonesia that is not only popular with its fashion outlets, cafes, and culinary, but also popular for its volcanoes...

Sneak Preview: LRT Jakarta

To date, with more than 260 millions of population in Jakarta, we clearly know that relying solely on buses and microbuses in this big city is no longer a sufficient solution.

Diving in Karimunjawa

Asked me what made me thinking of coming all the way here to Karimunjawa two years ago. Well, a few years earlier, it was...

A Getaway to Karimunjawa Islands

Karimunjawa Islands is about two hours away by boat from Jepara in Central Java.