A little story about TC

    TC,that’s what some of her close friends call her. She was born in Medan, one of the cities in North Sumatra, and she moved to Jakarta with her parents when she was 12 years old. After graduating from university and working for almost two years in Jakarta, she migrated to Singapore following her parents. peekholidays-udemy certificate After many ups and downs working as a Graphic Designer in Singapore for 12 years, she finally decided to return to Indonesia and reside in Jakarta. Attempting to follow her passion for writing and travelling while promoting whichever destinations she travels to, she puts all her effort into her travel blog, Peek Holidays. She has a special favour for Indonesia, which she expresses by organising trips to Indonesia via Indonesia Explorer (IDE) Meetup Group With only an education background in Visual Communication Design and no writing skills at all, she understands she must work harder to be a decent storyteller. She keeps learning by self-study and picking up online courses that fit her schedule. She believes learning can be in any form, and people shall not stop learning.

    About Peek Holidays

    Tracy is always open to new and creative ways to work together that bring advantages to both parties – her readers and brands, that reflecting her core values – nature and people.

    Tracy is committed to giving exciting information in a possible, engaging way through blog articles and social media. Her love for travelling, people, and nature can be seen through the truthful information shared across her social media channels. The travel experiences she has gained over the years have given her a good reputation and a credible source of information for her readers.

    Below are a few suggested collaboration ideas:

    • Invitation for press and social media familiarisation trips or special events to promote a specific destination or causes

    Tracy has collaborated with several local and non-local brands. She travelled to the destination, shared the content almost daily, and published the overall experiences in an article format so that her readers or followers got a better picture of the places.

    • Reviews of accommodations, tours, activities, restaurants, airlines, and other travel-related products and services

    The number of people searching for information online has multiplied. People seek what others think about products or service providers before committing to them. Tracy reviews products and services and publishes her opinion on her blog Peek Holidays. She will also help promote your brands on her social media channels.

    • Content Creation

    Tracy has more than ten years of experience in the design industry and several years in blog writing. She has the confidence to deliver the task as requested by the client.

    • Travel Consulting & Tour Leading

    Tracy has been planning trips around Indonesia since 2013. She researches and designs an itinerary based on the customer’s budget and preferences. She is also a Singapore NATAS certified Tour Leader.

    peekholidays-tracy chong tour leader tour manager


    Collaborations & Achievements

    Fakfak Birdwatching: Belah Rotan Bird of Paradise was selected as the article that sent Peek Holidays as the “Top Travel Blog 2024” by the educational publisher Twinkl, December 2023

    Digital Tourism & Social Media Workshop (Jaringan Kota Kreatif) Fakfak Tourism Board, October 2022, Indonesia peekholidays-workshop-fakfak

    2020 – present Ambassador of API, Indonesia
    peekholidays-apiawards2021 ambassadorpeekholidays-tracy api awards ambassadors 2022 peekholidays-audiensi 2021
    Guest Speaker – Wisata Perbankan di Kota Tua – Mula x Indonesia TIC x Kota Tua, Indonesiapeekholidays-mula kota tua wisata perbankan

    Numerous Instagram Live Host – API Awards, Indonesia peekholidays-apitraveltalk

    2021 Instagram Live Guest Fall in love with Indonesia (in English), Indonesia
    2019 Winner of Blog Writing Competition – Adira Finance, Indonesia
    2018 2nd Winner of Travel Blog, Indonesia
    2016 Guest Speaker at Youth Gathering – Unusual Job as Blogger – GBI Citra 2, Indonesia

    peekholidays-unusual job

    2015 Top 15 Traveler of the Year – Panorama Magazine, Indonesia
    Promotion on Twitter & Instagram Sriwijaya Airlines, April 2016, Indonesia
    Giveaways Contest The Sanctoo Villa, May 2016, Indonesia
    Livingseas, September 2017, Indonesia
    Purbasari, May 2017, Indonesia
    Indonesian Food That You Should Try Discover Your Indonesia, June 2015, Indonesia
    #Pedoman Penjelajah: Tips Memilih Tempat Tinggal Pikavia, December 2015, Indonesia
    To Whistler with Family Getaway Magazine, December 2015, Indonesia


    Familiarization Trips

    Explore Pesawaran #XplorPesawaran La Nadiya Pahawang, December 2021, Indonesia
    Explore Pesawaran #XplorPesawaran Villa Gardenia Lampung, December 2021, Indonesia
    Explore Nusa Tenggara Timur #XplorNTT, August 2021, Indonesia
    Explore Buton Tengah #XplorButeng, March 2021, Indonesia

    Explore Nusa Tenggara Timur #XplorNTT, November 2020, Indonesia

    Bloggers Assistant, Taiwan Media Familiarization Trip Ministry of Tourism, April 2019, Indonesia peekholidays-taiwanese famtrip

    Bloggers Assistant, Trip of Wonders (Winners) Ministry of Tourism, December 2018, Indonesia peekholidays-trip of wonder winners

    Blogger Invitee, Explore Majalengka #XplorMajalengka, November 2018, Indonesia peekholidays-majalengka

    Blogger Assistant Trip of Wonders Ministry of Tourism, November 2018, Indonesia Blogger Invitee at ASITA Famtrip ASITA NTT, April 2016, Indonesia peekholidays-komodo mart

    Blogger Invitee at TAFISA Games 2016 Ministry of Youth and Sports, September 2016, Indonesia peekholidays-tafisa-ancol

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