4D3N Jakarta Travel Itinerary

    Following is the rundown for this 4D3N Jakarta travel itinerary which will cover Jakarta, Bogor and Pulau Pramuka. The trip will be more relax and we will experience both the city and the kampung lifestyle within these 4 days. I don’t guarantee that the whole trip will be cosy and comfortable but we will definitely have fun times together. 🙂

    DAY 1: Jakarta

    From Soekarno-Hatta International Airport, we will right away check in to our hotel and have our lunch on the spot. Rest for a while and get ready to explore Jakarta! We will visit the old town and a few interesting museums. We will be back to the hotel and get ready to explore Jakarta at night time. Dinner will be at own expense as we will be brought to a place where we will have the chance to savour local food. 🙂

    DAY 2: Thousand Islands – Pulau Pramuka

    Wake up early and after we have our breakfast in the hotel, we will continue our day to Thousand Islands! Yay! We will depart to Pulau Pramuka from Marina Ancol Harbour at Ancol, Jakarta by speedboat. We will check-in at the cottage and have our lunch on the island. After lunch, it will be hopping island or snorkelling time! Or we may just spend time relaxing, enjoying the scenery or perhaps cycling around the island. Dinner will be BBQ! Time will be yours after this. Gathering and chit-chatting time! 🙂

    DAY 3: Thousand Islands – Bogor

    Morning call to catch the sunrise! After breakfast, we will have time to tour around the island or go for water activities. We will check-out and back to Marina Ancol Harbour at around noon time. From Marina Ancol harbour, we will straight away go to Bogor.
    The first destination in Bogor will be Kebun Raya Bogor (Bogor Botanic Garden) where we will see the world’s largest flower, Rafflesia Arnoldii and the gigantic Corpse Flower (depending on the season)

    The next stop will be the Istana Bogor (Bogor Palace) which has distinctive architectural, historical, features, as well as the adjoining botanic gardens. Sometimes, the palace will be opened for, hope that we have that luck to visit the palace! 🙂 We will have dinner (at your own expenses) at a local restaurant.

    DAY 4: Cibodas National Park, Airport

    Morning call! Get ready for some workout in the morning at Cibodas National Park! We will walk about 2 hours, cut through the rainforest. Accompanied by the trees and wild animal sounds, we will walk to Cibeureum Waterfalls. We will spend sometimes at the waterfalls. From waterfalls then we will walk back to starting point.

    On the way back to our accommodation, we will stop by at some souvenir shops and in the afternoon we will check-out and depart back to Jakarta. Our dinner will be in Jakarta and after dinner, we will go to the airport and fly back to Singapore. 🙂

    • • •

    If you are interested in this trip, feel free to contact me for more info. 🙂


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