Festival Pesona Lokal: Embracing the Local Cultures

    ” What? Another festival? Aren’t there too many festivals already in Indonesia? “

    Well, it’s unlike any other festivals that are already existed. Because everyone gets to take part in it. Are you proud of your local culture? Then you should read on because you will find chances to win several prizes at the end of your reading!

    ” But what is Festival Pesona Lokal? “

    Festival Pesona Lokal or the Festival of Local Cultures, is one of the CSR (Corporate social responsibility) programmes by Adira Finance, the biggest financing company in Indonesia. This year, on their 28th Anniversary, the company shows its commitments in contributing to the nation by holding this festival where Indonesia Tourism Board (Pesona Indonesia) and iNews are supporting as well. The Adira Finance company hopes as many as possible people will take part in supporting and promoting their local cultures.

    During the festival, there are several forms of competition that are closely related to the local will be made available, such as cultural carnival, mural art, and local cuisine creations. Or for those who want to take part in the festival but don’t want to be in the competition, they can join in the local market section selling the local produces.

    ” How to participate? “

    This festival will be held in 9 major cities in Indonesia with the schedule as follows:

    • Bandung: September 2, 2018
    • Solo: September 9, 2018
    • Bali: September 23, 2018
    • Makassar: October 7, 2018
    • Malang: October 14, 2018
    • Pontianak: October 14, 2018
    • Medan: October 21, 2018
    • Palembang: November 4, 2018
    • Jakarta: November 11, 2018

    In general, here are five simplified steps to follow in order to join the competitions:

    #1 Register on Festival Pesona Lokal website

    Click on the “Pendaftaran Lomba” menu which will lead you to the registration form page for the competition.

    #2 Choose the category and submit your concept artwork

    There are four competition categories to choose from – Cultural Carnival, Mural Art, Local Cuisines Creation, or Micro, Small, Medium Enterprises (UMKM). This is the opportunity to put your skills in the limelight! Fill in the required details and submit your concept. Please ensure that you have read through the competition terms and conditions before registration.

    #3 Make Payment

    All the concept submissions will be reviewed by the Festival Pesona Lokal committee. Only selected artworks owners will be notified via email to proceed to the next payment stage.

    #4 Attend the scheduled technical meeting

    After payment made, next is to attend the technical meeting based on the given schedule.

    #5 Be ready for the actual day

    Be there on the location on the day you are registered for. That’s it!

    ” What are the prizes? “

    Total prizes worth more than 100 million Rupiah in cash will be given among the winners. And there will be an award given to the best Micro, Small, Medium Enterprises (UMKM), too! To even make the festival more exciting, the tourism board (Pesona Indonesia), Adira Finance and iNews, will reward the city that can show the best of their local cultures and also enthusiasm in running the festival in their city. The award night will be aired in the Indonesian Award show on iNews.

    For more information about the competitions, please visit

    SAHABAT LOKAL – Calling for all who loves taking photos or videos!

    Besides the Festival Pesona Lokal, for those who love taking photos or videos and have Instagram and/or Youtube account,  you can join in the Sahabat Lokal competition by sharing photos or videos showing interesting things about the place you live in. It can be about nature, culinary, culture, or probably the nice hangout place in your area. The prizes for the competition are attractive, too!

    Sahabat Lokal Photo Competition 
    1st prize: Rp 10.000.000,- (Cash)
    2nd prize: Rp 7.000.000,- (Cash)
    3rd prize: Rp 5.000.000,- (Cash)
    Favourite Winner: Rp 2.500.000,- (Cash for 5 winners)

    Sahabat Lokal Video Competition
    1st prize: ah 45.000.000,- (Cash) *
    2nd prize: Rp 30.000.000,- (Cash) *
    3rd prize: Rp 20.000.000,- (Cash) *
    Favourite Winner: Rp12.500.000,- (Cash for 5 winners)

    *For the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd winners will have a chance to work together with Adira Finance in a project that will promote the local micro, small, medium enterprises (UMKM).

    For the full detail about the competition, please visit Adira Finance Sahabat Lokal

    • • •

    As much as I do care about promoting Indonesia as a whole to a bigger audience, there were times during a trip where I met the locals who also showed their concerns about promoting their places to more people, too! However, the setback is usually on the limited human resources and funds they have.

    It is widely known that Indonesia is a country that is rich not only in natures but also cultures. Through this festival, Adira Finance hopes that it will help the locals to realize the potentials each area has and then hope they are encouraged to take part in promoting their local cultures not only to nationwide but also to the audiences in the international scale.

    It needs a mass effort to make this goal happens and impactful. Well, who else do you think will be more suitable to take part than the locals themselves? This is the chance to “showing off” your local cultures. So, are you game?


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