Getting Around Kintamani: Panca Yoga, Segara & Mount Batur

    This is sequel from my previous post Art for Sale in Ubud: Celuk Siver & Karya Mas Gallery.

    We stopped by these two art galleries when we were on our way to Kintamani for our next activity. Kintamani is a highland area in the north of East Bali, far from the city. That’s why we may see houses are more simple here in the Kintamani area.

    Panca Yoga Restaurant

    We went to a restaurant called Panca Yoga for our lunch. The food in the restaurant may not be fantastic but the view it had to offer was marvellous! It’s just opposite of Mount Batur and Lake Batur. There are few restaurants with a good view along this road. The feeling was great. Having lunch and enjoying the view at the same time. We chose outdoor seating for this purpose. This is the power of Bali I would say.’s just so relaxing! 🙂

    Segara Hotel & Restaurant

    After our lunch, we checked-in to our hotel, Segara Hotel & Restaurant, in Kintamani. Ehmm…it wasn’t really a hotel. Probably more like a homestay to me. 😀

    We stayed in the hotel only for few hours to catch some sleep before starting our hike at midnight. And what was good about this hotel, it’s facing Mount Batur and walking distance to Lake Batur. 🙂

    Mount Batur & Lake Batur

    We can reach Lake Batur by crossing the road and walking into the village. By the way, see what I found! A cow! It belongs to one of the villagers. :)There is a path where we can cut through to a plantation and Lake Batur is just located near the end of the plantation.

    Once we reached the end of the path, we will see the unblock view of Mount Batur with the lake. And while we were enjoying the view, there was a man approaching us and asking if we want to cross over to the other side of the lake. When I asked him what we can find there. He said that there’s a cemetery. Well, I heard that the cemetery is quite unique. But well…I chose to skip that.

    After we took some photos, we walked back to our hotel. Oh yeah, one thing that I think it’s a plus point of the hotel is…there is a place where we can gather together for some tea or coffee! Look at our happy faces! 😀 We actually did walk around to find a place where we can sit and get a sip of coffee or tea. But we couldn’t find one and in the end we thought the hotel was still the best place. 🙂

    It’s pretty good get together to warm up the atmosphere among all of us. If you follow my story, we were all strangers to each other. Read Travel with Strangers to Wonderful Bali. We’ve got a good feeling although we were also worried if we would not able to make it to the summit and catch the sunrise. But seem we were determined enough and I was glad that all of us could get along well. Relaxing time was over, dinner was taken and the real adventure was about to begin in few hours time Sunrise Hiking at Mount Agung. 🙂

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