Tian An Men in China

    We had a slow pace travelling for the first day. Tian An Men was our first destination after we had our breakfast at Da Cheng Jia. Although it can be reached by train, but we went there by cab as it was actually not too far from our hotel where we stayed. When I was in the cab, I saw an interesting thing. There was a kind of shield at the back of the cab driver’s seat. I guess it’s to protect him from the wind which might blow in when the back door is opened? (Someone enlighten me, please).

    In such cold weather, unexpectedly, there was a crowd on the spot. There were locals and overseas visitors as well. We didn’t manage to walk until the last section though and I only took a few photos before we left the place. Can tell that my Dad was very happy. 🙂

    Near to the entrance, there are gift shops on the right side and a small canteen where you can get some foods if your hunger is not bearable anymore. Due to the cold weather and my Dad’s legs were not in very good condition, we didn’t walk until the very end. We end our visit to Tian An Men just after the entrance. But from what I heard, there are many things to explore further in as long as we can bear to walk long distance. Hopefully, next time I will have a chance to go there again. 🙂

    If you have ever been there before, perhaps you may want to share with us your experiences? I would love to hear from you! 🙂

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