How I Got Anxiety Attack in Hamilton and Reached Matamata Safely

    It’s been a few months after my New Zealand trip. While travelling is fun but not all the time it goes well like what we think. Either a not well-planned trip, incidents, accidents, miscommunication with vendors or even disagreement with our travelmate may happen. Sometimes it can be resolved, sometimes it can’t. Whatever happens, happens. And here is the story.

    Good Morning In Hamilton

    One night passed. We were up early and had our simple breakfast at our homestay in Hamilton. We left the place at around 9.30 am, heading to Hamilton Transport Centre to catch our 12.30 pm Intercity coach to Matamata. It took about 20 minutes to walk from the place where we stayed at to the Transport Centre. The road seems not busy with cars. The weather was good for a walk despite we were dragging our luggage harshly along the footpath. That how’s life going without a vehicle.

    We passed over a bridge where the longest river in North island, Waikato River was. The colour of the season, dried branches on the trees mixed with soon to bloom flowers welcoming spring, sheltered both pathways along the river. It was a beautiful view from the overhead bridge.

    Near to Hamilton Transport Centre, there was Centre Place Mall, a good place to spend time at for shopping or just for having a cup of coffee. It has its own cinema halls, too. Hamilton Transport Centre is just about three minutes walk from there. We still have about 1.5 hours to spend. While my friend chose to shop around after had her coffee, I chose to stay at Theobroma Chocolate Lounge with my cake and coffee.

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    The Anxiety Began

    I opened up my Lappie a.k.a my laptop and transferred photos in my phone and camera to my external HD. I browsed through photos taken for the past few days while waiting for my friend. I didn’t mind to wait and look after her bags as I also wanted her to enjoy the trip as well.

    I checked my phone, it was time to go. I closed my Lappie and put everything back to my bag. Then I saw my friend coming into the cafe. Just in time I thought. But, she actually came back only to tell me that she needs to go back to one of the shops to get something and asked me if I wanted to buy bread from the bakery nearby there while waiting for her.


    Yeah…I talked about buying bread from the local bakery days before but It was not a must for me to buy now when we should have started to walk to the bus stop. It would be the first Intercity coach we took for the trip and I was not really sure where to catch and how the bus looked like. I only saw that it stated in the confirmation email that we have to be there 15 minutes earlier. I have planned all the programmes back to back, so we couldn’t afford to miss the bus no matter what.

    Ok, I bought the bread which I actually didn’t really want to buy. I waited for her at the spot where she asked me to wait. Time was ticking. She was seen nowhere still. I called. I sent a message to her but I still couldn’t reach her. I was frustrated and anxious. How if we miss the bus? It is not possible for me to go and just leave her alone, right? How will we settle this later? Luckily, not long after that, she came. She’s happy she got what she wanted while me trying to pick up the fresh air and cool down. Recently, I just found out that turmeric can help to reduce anxiety. I should have brought turmeric supplements along with me on this trip.

    Anyway, we reached Hamilton Transport Centre and we walked to the assigned platform, A-D, as stated on the itinerary. It was not a big terminal so we could find it pretty fast. There were many buses from different companies. I wasn’t sure whether we missed our bus or it was not there yet. But I just waited there thinking there was no other way than to wait and see.

    “Erh, I go toilet first”, my friend said.

    It was not her first time rushing to the toilet at such timing. I could only be sighing. Why must wait until the very last minute? You may think I was being inconsiderate or not understanding. But when it happened multiple times, it did make me frustrated. I was totally surrendered to the situation. I couldn’t afford to miss the bus but I also couldn’t leave her alone in any case. So, the latter option won.

    The Anxiety Ended

    We boarded the bus and reached the Matamata one hour later. I was cheered when I saw the building of Matamata i-Site which resembled like a Hobbit hole. I was totally done with it. I didn’t want to get my holiday ruined because of this. We still have many days ahead to spend together.

    “Forget about what had happened and get prepared for the Journey through Middle-earth. More fun and excitements are coming up”, I told myself.


    Yeap, that is the key. TOTALLY.

    Well, did you ever have any such not so get along well experience before with your travel mate or someone? How did you face it? Feel free to share. I have shared mine! 😉

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