Get Closer with the Animals in Taman Safari Indonesia

    Maybe..just maybe…when people heard about Taman Safari Indonesia or simply zoo, probably they will relate it as a children playground. But hey! I like it and I am not a kid. Maybe..just maybe..I am exceptional. This trip was also part of the Nature Trip in the Countryside of Indonesia by BeMyGuest. So, after our sightseeing in Puncak, it took about 45 minutes car ride to get to Taman Safari Indonesia from the last stop where we were at.

    Once we passed by the statues as shown on the above video, we can start seeing people selling carrot all the way to the along the way to Taman Safari Indonesia entrance. Some people will buy the carrots to feed the animals in the park but it’s a big NO..NO. Not advisable at all. Because we don’t know whether we will harm the animals by feeding them wildly. They might be overeating as well. If you are going there, please don’t feed the animals. Sorry, carrot sellers, I have to tell the truth.

    After we reached the entrance, Mr. Hanafi went to the ticket office to get an entry pass for me which looks something like a paper bracelet. It gives you full access to the park and only valid for the day it’s purchased. What I think is unique from this so-called zoo is the Safari Journey where the safari animals are freely roaming around and we can get close enough to them. Although for the safety reason, there are wires surrounding some of the animals we don’t really feel that they are being caged.

    The concept of the Safari Journey is a little bit similar to the one at Disney’s World the Animal Kingdom in Florida, USA. Just that in TSI, we can drive in our own vehicle and the park is located on the mountain. So, if you are staying in Asia and don’t have time to go that far, then you may consider coming here. If you don’t have a car, you may jump into the provided vehicle by TSI. Check with the front office near to the ticket office to find out more info.

    The whole journey in Safari Journey itself takes about 45 minutes or maybe longer if we spend more time taking photos or probably…just admiring the animal! Let’s see what we got here. In fact, I was too excited about seeing the animals and forgot to take more photos. The surrounding of this Safari Jungle was nicely done. Everything seems real. I mean, of course, all the animals are real. But I am referring to the man-made decorations to complement the park.

    Besides the Safari Jungle, there are many other things to see which obviously really need a long time if to explore every section of the park. There is a Safari Trek if we prefer to explore the park on foot and also outbound activities we can join. Not to forget the Safari Waterpark if you would like to get wet and also the Night Safari and wait! There is also a waterfall called Jaksa and Komodo Dragon Island! It is really a lot..!

    And if you are hungry, there are few restaurants available within the park or if you would like to enjoy the park even longer by spending a night in the caravan style (by the river), you may also do so. Go to the Taman Safari website for further info.

    So, to enjoy the park to your heart-contented, do spare at least half a day here. 🙂

    Disclaimer: Although it’s a sponsored trip by BeMyGuest, all are genuinely based on my personal opinions. I don’t earn any commissions and my purpose is just to share my experiences. If you would like to join the same trip as mine, do check out the Nature Trip in the Countryside of Indonesia by BeMyGuest. All in and min. 2 pax to go. 🙂



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