Sidney Mohede – Tiada SepertiMu (Behind The Scenes)

    Sidney Mohede! First time I heard his song was when he’s still the main vocalist in a Christian group band named GMB (Giving My Best). I can say, that’s my very first time to listen to contemporary Christian song and WOW..that was the only impression I had during the time being. Their songs have become an inspiration for all of us, youth at GBI Citra 2. 🙂

    Today, Sidney Mohede might have not a part from GMB group anymore. However, he’s still awesome. It’s blessed me a lot. Tiada SepertiMu is one of my current favourite song of his. Especially when I watch the MV which showing some happenings behind the scene, it is just amazing. 😀

    Tiada SepertiMu

    Music and Lyrics by Sidney Mohede
    © 2003 Insight Unlimited Publishing

    AnugrahMu kepadaku tak pernah berubah
    PerbuatanMu terlukiskan didalam hatiku
    Tercengang ku dibuatMu kagum padaMu
    Tak ada hal di hidupku luput dariMu

    Kau indah Kau mulia Tiada sepertiMu
    Kungin hidupku menyenangkanMu

    Kau terawal dan terakhir pencipta segalanya
    Seluruh bintang pun bersinar oleh ucapanMu
    Engkau pun mengasihiku penulis hidupku
    Tak henti segnap nafasku penyembahMu selalu

    Kupuji kusembah Tiada sepertimu
    Kuingin hidupku menyenangkanMu

    S’gala puji S’gala hormat
    Seg’nap hatiku menyembahMu
    Terimalah seg’nap hidupku
    S’bagai persembahan yang hidup

    Bukan kehendakku namun kehendakMu
    Hidupku bagiMu
    Kau indah, Kau mulia
    Kuingin hidupku menyenangkanMu

    None Like You

    Your Grace for me never changes
    And what You have done is painted in my heart
    I’m amazed by You
    I stand in awe of You
    There is nothing in my life that You don’t see

    You are beautiful, You are glorious
    There is none like You
    I want to please You all of my days

    You are the beginning and the end
    The Creator of everything
    The stars shine by Your words

    And You love me, the Author of my life
    With all my breath i will worship You always

    I praise You, I worship You
    There is none like You
    I want to please You all of my days

    All of my praises
    All of my reverence
    All of my heart worship you
    Take all of my life as a living sacrifice for You

    Not my will but Yours be done
    For my life is Yours
    You are beautiful, You are glorious
    I want to please You all of my days

    God is awesome and He show His awesomeness through His people ~ including you and me. Be blessed!


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