World Forestry Day: Why I Love Forest and Why You Should, too!

    World Forestry Day is celebrated worldwide every year on 21st of March in order to increase the public awareness among communities about the values, significance and contributions of the forests to balance the life cycle on the earth.

    Together with my friends from Travel Blogger Indonesia, we agreed to post an article together on this day about the forest. So, I think it is a good chance for me to share a little bit about what I think about the forest and why I love going there. In here, I refer forest to areas dominated by trees both in a big or smaller scale.

    • • •


    This one word might remind some people of Tarzan and Jane, Jungle Book or Indiana Jones or any wilderness things that they can think of. Crocodile, snake, and friends. Ok. Anything wild out there.

    Me, maybe (used to be) one of them.

    During my school days, I learnt about the forest and environment theoretically in the class. However, as a girl who lives in a big city for almost my whole life, to experience it personally, NEVER. I wasn’t really exposed to nature or probably didn’t get chances to experience it myself in the past.

    Until about 3 years ago…

    ..I guess, my life was too flat that time. Hence, I started looking for a little ‘adventure’ and hoping to make new friends along. And there, Trekking to Pelepah Falls in Malaysia was my first introduction to the forest and since then, my interest in nature was slowly growing.

    Trek to Pelepah Falls

    I was actually quite surprised that despite that was my first trekking trip, I didn’t bother about all the inconveniences and the unfamiliar environment. Instead, I enjoyed it very much which eventually I craved for more. My family and close friends often to relate forest and mountain to me because of the excitement they could see obviously on my face if we plan to go to such places. But true enough, if I were to choose whether going to shopping malls or national parks during my holiday, the answer is clear.

    There is ‘something’ in the Forests

    Every time when I go for trekking or hiking where I have to pass through the forest, somehow all my senses started being forced to work in positive ways. I can sense the calmness, the soothing colors of the leaves and plants around, the smells of the fresh air, the natural sounds and voices. I must say that those experiences recharge my body, mind and soul. I feel life, strength and balance in there. That’s probably why I love going there despite all the sweats.

    Mount Gede

    ” Life, strength and balance. “

    I remember one quote from “Pete’s Dragon” movie, saying that “There is a magic in the woods.” which is sort of resonating with what I think. I am not talking about the spooky stuff or the invisible dragon but much more to the impact given by the forest itself to us – humans and to every living creatures on this earth. Talking about the movie, it also reminds me of “Kong: Skull Island” movie as well that showing the importance of keeping the ecosystem balanced.

    Importance of Forests

    I can’t imagine if all the forest in this world is disappearing slowly because of the human acts – deforestation by burning and clearing the area for own personal gain. It is not only about losing the trees but also the habitat for millions of species in there. Which after drives to climate change of the area and impact to global warming.

    I believe everything works both ways. We can’t expect something good in return by doing something harmful to it. I am glad that I am still free to touch the big trees in the forest when I go trekking, see the plantations along the journey from my train window, spot squirrels or monkeys jumping from one tree to another at some places. Or simply enjoy the greens from the trees around my neighbourhood.

    Hope that our next generations will be able to enjoy the earth with the condition at least still as green as we see today. Meanwhile, let’s do our part to show our care to the environment. If not us, who else?

    • • •

    See what my friends have to say on this World Forestry Day. Most of those articles are in Indonesia though but hey, we can use Google Translate. So, Happy World Forestry Day! 🙂

    Do you feel the same as me when trekking in the forest? Why do you think we shall keep our forest? Feel free to share your opinion in the comment box below.


    1. Thank you so much for this post. I had no idea it was world forestry day and I never really thought about what forests mean to me. But you have openned my eyes to the things that forests can teach me about myself and the world around me. Thanks!

    2. I LOVE this post! Thank you for sharing. I had no idea it was World Forestry day, but it is such an important one to celebrate! I love spending time in the forest, being one with nature. We need to promote the care and keeping of these lands so that they are around for more generations to enjoy!

    3. I’ve always been a city person and never really been that fascinated by forests. But I totally get your point. Forests are important to us and are disappearing way too fast. The world needs its forests, even I can see that 🙂

    4. “During my school days, I learnt about forest and environment
      theoretically in the class. However, as a girl who lives in a big city
      for almost my whole life, to experience it personally, NEVER. I wasn’t really exposed to nature or probably didn’t get chances to experience it myself in the past.”
      Haa i can imagine that for anyone else or even me. Even when I heard first time about conservation it is because my first degree in Biological sciences. Not many people know exactly what I am doing unless I explain it in very simple way 🙂

      • See…see….I am not alone here! Haha..I think it is now important to introduce about how important it is to care of environment to children as early as possible. So, they can build up the habit since young.

    5. I am an outdoor and nature enthusiast. I agree with all the
      points you made here. I think it’s very important that more and more influencers
      talk about such matters. We have already exploited our natural resources beyond
      capacity. Let us save what is left.

    6. I grew up in the pacific northwest of America (Seattle, Washington area) where we spent our free time hiking up mountains and running through forests. It wasn’t until later when I started meeting people from places like Texas when I realized that a lot of people don’t like being in the forest (or even outdoors in some cases) or hiking. Luckily I’m usually able to convert them to lovers, though!

      • I love Seattle! I stayed there for about two months last year. I enjoyed my morning jog everyday around the neighbourhood where I stayed and spent weekends in the parks. I am envy of you guys! Aaaaa…wish to be back there again one day. 😀

    7. Forests are wonderful places. Living in Australia we have access to some amazing forests to find ourselves lost in. I’m so glad to see that you have found the wonder of forests and exploring the world around us.

    8. Like you, I absolutely love forests and think there is not just ‘something’ to explore but a lot. And we should protect forests for our own sake. If they are gone we are gone too.

    9. Love your reference to the sentence from the movie. There is truly magic in the forest. No matter how much we live in the city, the lush untouched beauty will always be where we truly belong. The forest is really our home.

    10. Aku sama kaya Kak Liza, waktu kecil tinggalnya di desa yang deket hutan (pohon jati). Kalau sore sering main ke hutan nyari ulat pohon jati, trus dipanggang. Yumm!

    11. I didn’t realize that there is such a thing as World Forestry Day. But I love it and kudos who initiated this campaign. It is a good step to gain more awareness about protecting our forests and preserving them for future generations to enjoy!

    12. Thats lovely way to relate .. I like forest but it freaks out when its dark.. The eway we all are misusing and running behind urban landscape we can only hope that the next generation could enjoy as it is

    13. Whatta lovely experiences when you walk to the forest. I don’t live near the forest, but they always give me some want-to-know so I go inside when I get mature..

    14. I’ve loved hiking in forest every since I was a child and have been lucky enough to see some beautiful forests all over the world. Living in a big city I love the natural environment, the peace apart from the rustle of leaves and song of the bird, I love walking through the dappled light and a glimpse of a spectacular view where a fallen tree has made a gap. Thank you for highlighting World Forestry Day

    15. I used to hike in the past, but few years ago I have changed my place of living and consequently my lifestyle. Now I have been missing hiking much. But I dream of having a house near a forrest since I prefer to be in touch with nature!

    16. I love hiking in the forest too. I have heard before that walking in nature can reduce stress which is a great reason to get to the forest. I’ve only been in the forest in North America but the forest in Indonesia looks incredible.

      • Aa..I guess the biggest difference between the forest in North America and Indonesia is the trees. I suppose there are a lot more of red woods there and also pine trees? Anyways, I love all of them! Haha..

    17. Hiking in the forest is one of the best activities, I love taking photos with all that greenery. It would be a shame to lose our forest, just like Michael Jackson stated in his Earth Song video all that time ago!

    18. Forests are such an importance on earth that many take for granted. They provide homes for wildlife, clean air, and a sanctuary for many. I am glad to read that there is a day especially for them and to increase awareness.

    19. I couldn’t agree with you more. I would happily spend the day in amongst the trees that wandering a shopping mall. I just absolutely love everything about them!

    20. Very true…nature is relaxing and freeing all in the same time. I really like how you list the different parks. Hopefully I’ll get to see them one day!

    21. This is great and there is so much to learn here. I hope that schools will see the importance of days like these to teach children more about nature and our environment.


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