From Singapore to Nashville via Detroit

    This year I got a chance to fly back to the USA for reunion with my brother and holiday for about 10 days. Honestly, I couldn’t remember how my feeling was two years ago when I was taking similar long haul flight for the very first time.

    We chose Delta Airlines for our trip this time. Excited! And when one of the airport staffs checked our passport while we were queuing up for check-in, he looked at me, smiled and said, “Your birthday is coming. Happy birthday to you.” Wow..I was happy though I think I am already too old for such treat. Hehe..

    Our itinerary was from Singapore – Tokyo – Detroit – Nashville. Our first flight to Tokyo departed early in the morning. Meaning, while people were still dreaming and night was still dark, we were already at the Singapore Changi Airport Terminal 2. The flight was on time and the boarding process was smooth. Not long after we boarded, we were served a set of breakfast. 🙂

    My friend asked me if I collect a photo of aircraft wings. Ha..I think so! I like to take photo of the skies and the aircraft wings. At the end of the trip, I realized that I have many photos of different skies and lands which I will show you at the end of my post. 🙂

    We reached Tokyo (Narita Airport) a lil’ bit later than it should be. So, we have to rush our way for our next connecting flight to Detroit. We didn’t even have time to have short break after 6hrs flight, but luckily we didn’t miss our next connecting flight. Phew!
    Detroit Metropolitan Wayne County Airport is big and nice. From one concourse to another concourse is quite a distance away.

    Our transit time in Detroit Metro Airport was longer than in Narita Airport. Below is the tunnel where we have to pass through on our way to another concourse. The light changes colours in a certain duration of time. Pretty interesting cause I thought this kind of lighting only can be found at the shopping centre. 😀

    Though we had plenty of time, we got to the boarding gate earlier and just roamed around. And here is my Dad patiently waiting at the boarding gate while looking forward to seeing his baby grandson. We had few times meals during the flight. And the photo below supposedly to be our last meal before we landed at Nashville International Airport. We were almost there….almost there….! Wohoo…!

    Before landing, I took a picture of myself. Well, I tried to smile, but it’s hard. NUMB. Smileeee…! Still numb. Ha! I was hoping my baby nephew won’t be scared off by my facial expression. Hehehe…

    Finally, we reached Nashville International Airport! Seriously, it’s not the longest flight I’ve ever had but in total, we took about 24 hrs to reach. Again..tired but excited! My brother and my sister-in-law picked us up at the airport. It’s been 2 years since I last met my brother, aaa….missed my brother so much! 🙂

    And guess what, all the tiredness was gone the moment I saw my newborn baby nephew which was only about 3 months old that time. If you do follow me, you must have noticed I talked about my newborn baby nephew in “Introducing, Baby Aiden!”.You see, he’s such a cutie pie ~ proud to be his aunt. Which aunt won’t feel so? LOL!

    We all reached safely and headed to the hotel right away. At that moment, my feeling said that more excitements were waited ahead. And here is the compilation of the sky photos that I took along my way from Singapore to Nashville. 🙂

    If you asked me if I would want to take Delta Airlines again for my next trip, I would say, yes! Their service is good and the price is reasonable. How about you? Do let me know your opinions. 🙂

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