Daily Treat with Purbasari Green Tea Body Scrub

    One day, I received an unusual travel blogger gathering event invitation.
    I said unusual because the event was organized by Purbasari, a local brand for beauty and skincare products in Indonesia. The event target was to introduce the benefits of Purbasari green tea body scrub for active travellers like us, travel bloggers. I was delighted and showed the invitation to my friend and jokingly said that probably they saw my skin really need some helps already.

    ” You are so tanned! “

    That’s one of the most given comments by my family and friends whenever I was back from one trip. Although I think getting tanned is often inevitable but what disturbing me most is my skin looks dull, harsh and sometimes I can feel that there is one layer of dirt on my skin that I need to get rid off from. And that’s when I will usually have that urge to go to beauty salon for body scrub or milk bath session. But we all know that not every time we have that luxury of time and budget.

    I admit that I have been neglecting my skin due to my work and travel schedule that often unpredictable. But with the numerous outdoor activities that often get myself exposed to the sun so much, I know I need to do something. But do I really need to limit my activities because of that? To cut the story short, I said “Yes” to the invitation.

    • • •

    The Travel Blogger Gathering event was started with a presentation about the common skin problems we have, the causes and how Purbasari green tea body scrub helps to reduce the stresses to our skin. What rang to me loud was when the presenter said that Purbasari green tea body scrub is the only body scrub with double antioxidant that can be used everyday as a substitute of shower cream.

    ” Everyday? No way! “

    At that point of time, I couldn’t imagine having my skin scrubbed everyday. Won’t it be too much for my skin? Won’t my skin get irritated?

    The presenter then explained to us that Purbasari green tea body scrub is using perfect round shape beads technology (Teknologi scrub bulat sempura). Hence, besides it is effective to remove dead skin cells, it also does not cause irritation to the skin.

    With its Vitamin E and Green Tea Extracts that act as double antioxidant agents, Purbasari green tea body scrub expected to give maximum protection to our skin – preventing skin dryness and dullness due to sun exposure and also preventing from premature skin aging. It sounded like exactly a product that I have been looking for.

    • • •

    After coming back from my recent trip to Sulawesi, I started to use Purbasari green tea body scrub whenever I took a shower. At first, I was still tempted to use shower cream after using the scrub which was actually not necessary but my habit couldn’t help it.

    I started with applying a small amount on the back of my palm, then to my whole hand and continue to my other parts of the body. I could feel the beads were not as harsh as other commercial body scrub products I ever used. After rubbing in a circular motion for some times to remove the dirt and dead skin cells, I rinsed it and to my liking, I noticed my skin was lighter and cleaner. Most importantly, it hydrates my skin as well. I felt my skin softer and smoother, plus, I love the green tea smell!

    Unfortunately, I forgot to take the before and after photo. But I can tell you that Purbasari green tea body scrub works for me! And if you want to try the products, you can find it in local Carrefour or purchase it online at a discounted price from one of the following stores:

    Purbasari green tea body scrub is available in two sizes, 125 gr and 235 gr and you may be surprised that the retail price for each product range is only between IDR 10.000 – IDR 15.000. This price is so much affordable for such awesome result!

    Now Purbasari green tea body scrub is one of my important list to my shower regime. Slowly I will try their other products as well. Who says good beauty and skincare products need to be expensive? It is time for the change, and I am into it. 🙂


    Special thanks to Purbasari for sponsoring the contest. I am excited to announce that we are holding special giveaways for our 5 lucky winners! Each winner will receive:

    1. One Purbasari product hamper worth IDR 250.000,-
    2. One MAP IDR 100.000,- shopping voucher

    The contest is worldwide but shipping fees apply for countries outside of Indonesia. We will contact the winners for further delivery details after the contest ends.

    STEP 1: Leave your answer for this question on the comment box below this post.
    “Who will you share the products with if you were one of the winners?

    STEP 2: Sign in to enter the contest via the Rafflecopter form below. Follow the instructions to subscribe and follow our social media account. Make sure that you fulfil all the entries to increase your chances.

    This contest has ended. Thank you!

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