[REVIEW] Scarlett Brightly Series Helps to Improve Dull Skin

    Choosing beauty products that we can stay loyal to is not easy, considering plenty of brands is available in the market. I came across a few brands that I was interested in and gave them a try. However, I still can’t find body care and face care products that I like and are suitable for my skin yet that fall under the same brand. Before knowing products from Scarlett, I used products from multiple brands for my skin need.

    I don’t look at how famous one brand is but rather at the quality. I am also not the type of consumer who fully believes that good products always come in high price tags, and the lower price range products are often unreliable. Or, the products that have their own sales counter or booth are more trusted than those displayed on the supermarket shelves.

    Previously, I shared about the body care products from Scarlett Whitening – the Body Scrub Coffee, Brightening Shower Scrub Coffee, and the Jolly Fragrance Brightening Body Lotion. While on this post, I will share another two products from Scarlett that I think are worth the shoutout, too. They are from the Brightly Series that intended to improve dull skins – Scarlett Brightening Facial Wash and the Scarlett Brightly Essence Toner.

    Scarlett Brightening Facial Wash

    Sometimes I have breakouts, especially during that time of the month. Besides that, I don’t have any acne problems on my face. I used to have oily skin; however, as time passed, with proper skin care and also by controlling what I ate, my skin is also slowly improved. Even so, that doesn’t mean that I have perfect skin. 

    Living in a big city like Jakarta, where pollution is relatively high, and calculating the amount of time I spend outdoors, I am prone to have dull and dry skin due to sun exposure. Because of that, I prefer a facial wash in liquid form or facial foam, which is more gentle on my skin as I cleanse my face.

    I am happy to see that Scarlett Brightening Facial Wash comes in liquid form. It contains Glutathione, Aloe Vera, Rose Petal, and Vitamin E that all is good for my facial skin condition. The blend of those active ingredients helps to hydrate my skin, tighten pores, brighten up, reduce uneven skin tones, and improve the overall skin appearance.

    Scarlett Brightening Facial Wash comes in a light pink 100 ml slim translucent bottle that is good for our hand grip. It won’t slip off our hands easily when we are pouring it out. It also has a sweet and floral scent that I love; I can smell it as I cleanse my face with a pleasant aroma. As shown in the photos above, we can see a few rose petals, beads, and bubbles formed in the facial wash liquid.

    I think I have not come across any facial wash like the Scarlett Brightening Facial Wash before. With its unique combination of active ingredients and also pleasant smell, it has certainly become a product that I favor. Overall, I am happy with my experience using this facial wash.

    Scarlett Brightly Essence Toner

    Another product that we usually use after the facial wash is face toner. Scarlett Whitening also comes out with Brightly Essence Toner that is recommended to use after the Scarlett Brightening Facial Wash I mentioned earlier. It also comes in a light pink 100 ml translucent bottle.

    Again, the type of container for their Brightly Essence Toner wins my heart already, even before I try to use the product. It uses the type of pump bottle that is similar to the bottle that is generally used for the cream type of product. Different from Brightening Facial Wash that has a floral aroma, this essence toner doesn’t have any scent. 

    To apply this essence toner, I just pump a small amount (two pumps for me) onto my palm, and then I tap onto my face gently several times until the essence is fully absorbed. The essence toner feels very light but yet still full of active ingredients that are beneficial to improve dull skins.

    • • •

    As I am writing this, I have used both products for about eight days. And so far, I am still loving it, especially the Brightening Facial Wash. I hope to see my dull skin improves after using them for some time, or at least after I used up these two products. Oh, I am not sure what is that floating balls in the essence toner about. But it kind of looks interesting, doesn’t it?

    Each product is priced at IDR75.000-. Special price applied for purchase in a package for both products altogether or with other products. Check out for more product range in Scarlett Whitening Official Shop in Shopee. I think one bottle can last for more than a month if I use it daily.

    How about you? Have you tried Scarlett Brightly series products before? What do you think? 


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