Uma Seminyak: A Place That You Won’t Want to Miss in Bali

    There are many cafes and restaurant around Seminyak area in Bali but I was glad that I was introduced to this place by my friend during my stopover in Bali heading to Flores to attend the Komodo Islands famtrip last month. Uma Seminyak, that’s the name of the place.

    Pretty new. Yeap, it is. It was just opened about a month ago when I visited there. I like the concept of the place which is well-thought by the owner – to have a cafe, restaurants, park and few shops in one place. Selected merchants with quality such as MyCupofLove, PasarPasaran, Sol&Luna, SuraJewerly, TokyoSkipjack, TitikTemu and Warung Siam, are the tenants operating in Uma Seminyak.

    The place that is not over-crowded, is another reason why I don’t mind to spend my lovely evening there. And I think the best part is, it is an open-concept area, outdoor with shelters. Sometimes we do feel better in the open air, don’t we? Following, I will share my experiences with three tenants I visited in Uma Seminyak.

    Where is Uma Seminyak?

    As it is quite new, some taxi drivers may not know the place yet but don’t give up! Just tell them that you are going to Uma Seminyak which is located opposite of Seminyak Village. Remember to mention Uma Seminyak to get them familiar with the name (by force). And when you reach Seminyak Village, look at the opposite of the road then you will see Tokyo Skipjack restaurant with letter signboard ‘UMA SEMINYAK’ in front of it. The Uma Seminyak signboard is not too obvious so you may miss it but I believe you won’t miss the Tokyo Skipjack signboard by any means.

    There is a small alley beside Tokyo SkipJack which will lead you to the park that connects Titik Temu Cafe, Warung Siam and also PasarPasaran. As the catch, before entering, you will see an interesting graffiti of angel wing like the photo below. A good spot for taking photo. I am not good in posing, so I let my friend from Koper Traveler did that part. :p

    The park is also used as an event space. When I was there that day, there was a live performance by a local talent that just launching his new album. I was sitting enjoying my cup of Cappuccino I ordered from TitikTemu while watching the performance that made Uma Seminyak even more lively as a place for gathering and unwind.

    TitikTemu Cafe – A Meeting Point for All.

    “One Piccolo, please.”

    Piccolo is one of the hot caffeine beverages choices offered by TitikTemu. I was told that the coffee beverages menu is arranged from the top with the strongest level of caffeine to the bottom with the lowest. For my level, cappuccino is perfectly good for me. Besides coffee, they also serve non-caffeine beverages such as tea and definitely sweet treats are also in.

    If you are bored with common seating area setting like in the most cafes around, then in TitikTemu you shall expect something different. While on the first floor, you will have that usual chair and table setting, however, on the second floor, you will see there is a seating area like in the stadium with overlooking to the park. I find that the stadium concept makes the place more casual, relax for gathering with friends or mingling around with people around you. TitikTemu, if translated into English means ‘meeting point’, the name indeed serves the purpose.

    Warung Siam – A ‘Home’ with Great Thai Home Cooking.

    From coffee break, we moved to the restaurant next door, Warung Siam, for our dinner. If you love Thai cuisines, I bet you will fall in love with the dishes here. Even if you are not, you are going to love it, too. The restaurant atmosphere made me felt welcomed and homey with wooden furniture and big wooden windows all around. It actually reminds me of my staying experience in one homestay in Bangkok. It got that ‘local feel’. That could be what made the dining experience in Warung Siam even better. A ‘home’ with great Thai home cooking – BINGO!

    I completely happy with the food in Warung Siam and I couldn’t find any flaw or reason to make any complaint about it. From appetizers, main courses all taste so good. Don’t be surprised when you are dining in Warung Siam, you will see Thais that staying in Bali having their meal there, too. Locals know where to find their local food best, don’t they? Two thumbs-up and big gratitude for Chef Jue for his passion in cooking and preparing all the foods for us. 🙂

    Besides in Uma Seminyak, Warung Siam has another branch in Ubud area. So, when you are in Bali next time and you miss Thai food, now you should know where you should head to, right? Yeah, and don’t forget to ask me along. 😉

    PasarPasaran – An Artsy and Crafty Shop

    Before dinner, we had a look at Pasarpasaran which is still part of Uma Seminyak. The shop is not big but the content of the shop is HUGE. Why I say so? Because almost all the items sold at PasarPasaran were carefully handmade and if not, those were made to support certain causes. Some of them are just too pretty to touch. I was worried I might break it. Well, don’t trust me about this. It is not that fragile.

    Pasarpasaran doesn’t stop only as a shop. Sometimes they will hold a special event in the park and also organize a bigger event such as “Lari Masuk Desa 2016”, a running event to the villages, which was just over not long ago. As a shop that selling creative pieces of stuff, I believe they have much more creative events coming up. Stay tuned by following their Instagram.

    And oh, I ended up coming out from the shop with a cute notebook in my hand. When you know that you can purchase something you need and support a good cause at the same time, as long as it is still affordable, I somehow couldn’t resist it. By purchasing this notebook, we have supported in helping Orangutan protection.

    So, that is my experience spending my evening in Uma Seminyak. How about you? Have you been there? Which tenant do you love most? I would love to hear from you!

    Uma Seminyak
    Jl Kayu Cendana 1
    Bali – Indonesia

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