Compression Packing Cubes: Space & Time Saver

    Many years ago, it is an excitement to start packing and putting our stuff into our luggage. That time, travelling was not so common thing to do yet as of today. Perhaps, it was only once a year kind of thing. So, it was a happy thing to do as we know we would go off to somewhere for a few days for a holiday. Most people love to travel. But, when it comes to pack and unpack, it can be a nightmare for some people, especially, to those who travel frequently.

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    Several years have gone since travelling has become more like a lifestyle than a luxury. Along the years, we can see that there are a quite number of products have been invented to help people to pack or organize their stuff in their bags. From bag organizers to vacuum pack and I remember I was so happy to have found out about the plastic vacuum pack which can actually help us to reduce the bulkiness of our clothing inside of our bag. It is useful however it is not that durable – it tends to break or tear after a few times use. Not only that we create more plastic trashes, but it also is not cost-efficient as well.

    Not long after that, we started seeing packing cubes in the market. A set of square or if not rectangular bags with a zipper along where we can open up and keep our clothing inside before we put it in our bag or luggage. While it doesn’t really reduce the bulkiness, but I do find that it is really helpful to organize our clothing. I especially like it when I have to use a backpack when I travel – for hiking or trips that need me to move around easier with my belonging. It is really useful to reduce the mess as I can just take out the cube where the stuff I need is in. No topsy turvy, yay!

    Compression Packing Cubes

    I was in the US for a summer break with my family last month when I came across this compression packing cubes on (they do ship overseas, too!). I can say it is an improved version from an earlier version. The material used is similar to the normal packing cubes, a kind of waterproof material. What makes it different is the special additional feature – to compress, hence it is called Compression Packing Cubes.

    The previous packing cubes that I had before came in 3 pcs per set with two sizes. While these Traveling Holmes Compression Packing Cubes also come in 3 pcs per set but in three different sizes. Personally, I love the colour combination. I also can see the sewing quality and also the sturdiness of the zippers used on this cube.

    How Does the Compression Packing Cubes Work?

    The compression packing cube has two zip lining like what we usually find in a piece of luggage. While usually the double zipper on the luggage is meant for a totally different purpose – to expand, though it might work to compress as well in some cases. But definitely the extra zip lining on this cube is to make the cubes more compact.

    Packing Experiments

    To see how effective these cubes really are, I do a test. I prepare some clothing and one cabin-size baggage. I use the biggest cube to store my main clothing, the middle size cube for my undergarments, and the smallest one for my rashguards and swimwear or sportswear. These are the three categories that commonly I would have in my bag, be it when I travel with my backpack or luggage.

    • 3 tops
    • 2 shorts
    • 1 long pant
    • 1 dress
    • 4 sets of undergarment
    • 1 sport bra
    • 1 swimwear
    • 1 set of a rashguard

    Note: Each compression packing cube can actually fit more than this. This is just for illustration purposes.

    Without Packing Cubes

    With Compression Packing Cubes (Before Compressed)

    With Compression Packing Cubes (After Compressed)

    The Advantages of Using Compression Packing Cubes

    For easier comparison, I put three photos with all the stuff inside a cabin size luggage, side by side. From left to right: without packing cube, with compression packing cubes before compressed (almost the same condition with using normal packing cubes), and with compression packing cubes after compressed.

    Save time. The normal version of packing cubes without compression feature has already useful to organize our stuff in our bag or luggage. Things are easier to be taken out without creating a mess around especially when we only need to get the particular thing out of the bag. No more time wasted for unnecessary repack.

    Save space. The normal packing cubes does help to reduce the bulkiness but with the compression feature from compression packing cubes, it helps to reduce much more. Everything becomes more compact hence, it creates more space allowances for other stuff to be in.

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    As for me, my current job is closely related to travel. So, yeah, I am one of those people who think packing is a nightmare. I always wish that I never have to do all the packing or maybe someone can help me to pack? However, a wish remains as a wish, I still do my packing on my own until today. We can’t run away, it is part of the travelling.

    Besides that, how to pack smart is one of the skills that every traveller has to master as well. As we pack more often, we will eventually realize that most of the times, 30% of the stuff we pack in our bag, we don’t actually need it.

    So, what is your thought about the compression packing cubes? Do you already use one? Spill in the comment box below!

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