Sukawana Dream Village in Majalengka: Where Education and Fun are Combined and Dreams are Born

    About 3 km away, not far from the newly opened Kertajati International Airport or Bandara Internasional Jawa Barat (BIJB), if we drive along the road heading to the city, on the right-hand side, we will see a group of bamboos standing on the roadside with wooden planks written Sukawana Dream Village Majalengka on it. It is quite eye-catching. Especially there is a bamboo house next to it. And next to the bamboo house, there is a bike station where a row of grey and striking orange colour bicycles parking. The bamboo house is the main office of Sukawana Dream Village or they call it Dream Front Office (FO). It is hard not to notice it when passing by the road.

    Sukawana Dream Village or SDV, in short, was just opened a couple of months when I visited. The area that used to be a swamp was converted to a solid ground where is now the Dream Front Office and the main hall of Sukawana Dream Village are standing. The whole concept of Sukawana Dream Village building is bamboo, designed by the Founder of Bale Budaya Bambu Organization and also supported by Mr Fadli, the artist from Sukabumi, that helped to beautify every corner of Sukawana Dream Village.

    Sukawana Dream Village is a place where education and fun are combined together. The name itself explains it all that dream or vision is one of the core values of Sukawana Dream Village. There is a community of tutors that are committed to supporting Sukawana Dream Village by applying the concept of learning is fun.

    Education Values in Sukawana Dream Village

    The vision of the founder is to enhance the skills of the local resident in Majalengka and empower them to realize their dreams. In order to achieve that, they start by conducting language classes regularly. Currently, there are four languages available for the students to join, such as English, Chinese, Arab, and soon in 2020, they will open Indian language classes. Besides those foreign languages, SDV also conducts Indonesia language class as well as Sundanese.

    Considering Kertajati International Airport will be fully operating soon and it is going to be the main gate to enter West Java for those who choose to travel by air, this seems to be the right step ahead preparing the local resident to welcome people from all over the world to Majalengka. Although we may say that smiles can break down the language barrier. However, it is not always the case. A smile can’t help people to find direction and tell them the story about your village or hometown but being able to communicate in the right language, it does help.

    Fun Values in Sukawana Dream Village

    Fret not, Sukawana Dream Village is not all about language and enrichment classes. As mentioned earlier, Sukawana Dream Village does combine education and fun together. Sukawana Dream Village to encourage people to go outdoor. There are a few fun things that visitors can do here at Sukawana Dream Village.

    Majalengka Campervan

    Have you ever heard of people going around the city or probably spending several days on the road on a campervan? A campervan is like a mobile home and this Majalengka campervan can sleep up to 4 pax with a small pantry at the back where we can keep waters and some food for the journey. Although the Majalengka campervan here in Sukawana Dream Village is not really built for travelling for a long journey, we surely can rent it to tour around the city and feel the sensation of staying in the campervan. There are two units of campervan available for rent in Sukawana Dream Village.

    “A dream without ambition is like a car without gas..
    you’re not going anywhere.”

    Sean Hampton

    Fun Bike

    Thanks to its location that is surrounded by beautiful plantation. We will never go wrong by taking a bike and ride along the Dream Road while enjoying the scenic view of the plantation on both sides. Depending on the month we visit, at certain months, we can see the local farmers growing paddy while during some other months when the soil condition is not conducive for paddy to grow, the local farmers will take a break and invite farmers from neighbour regency to come over and plant spring onion instead. This usually happens for about three months long. In other words, except after the harvest, we will almost always see the land full of crops.

    “Life is like riding a bicycle.
    To keep your balance you must keep moving.”

    Albert Einstein

    Dream Harbour

    Still riding along with our bike and we will go through a tunnel. At the entrance of the tunnel, we will see a kind of gate made from bamboo. Sukawana Dream Village plans to create some wall art to decorate the walls inside the tunnel with graffiti art once the permit is out. Ride further, then we will reach Dream Harbour. Park our bike and hop into the harbour made from bamboos in the middle of the plantation!

    Instead of overlooking the sea, we will be seeing almost endless of plantation in front of us. It was soothing to our eyes. There is a mini library and also a few information boards placed at the harbour for sharing knowledge purposes. Just that do remember, the best time to visit here is in the late afternoon when the sun isn’t working so hard to keep the earth warm. Or early in the morning will be good, too. Sail your dreams from this harbour and see where it will lead you to!

    “A dream doesn’t become reality through magic;
    it takes sweat, determination and hard work.”

    Colin Powell

    • • •

    One piece of advice: If you plan to visit Sukawana Dream Village, do not hesitate to try their Cilemon, a fresh-made lemonade from their home-grown lemons and also their spicy and non-spicy mushroom fritters! It is home-made and it is so addictive! Besides those snacks and drinks, you shall check their bamboo arts as well. Some artworks can be viewed at their Dream Front Office and can be purchased on the spot, too.

    Sukawana Dream Village probably is not the first village that put concern on education and its development seriously. I ever heard of Kampung Bahasa Inggris or English Language Village (direct translate) that located in one of the villages in Pare, Kediri. This area is named so because there are many English Language Centre and many people from around Indonesia come to study in this village. Probably, Sukawana Dream Village will reach that stage one day. Or maybe is even more than that.

    Anyway, there is this saying, “We will only grow as big as we dream that’s why we must dream big.” No dreams are too big. If it is easy, that means the dream is not big enough.

    That’s what I think. How about you? Spill your thoughts in the comment box below!

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