Jakarta, Here I am Back for Christmas!

    18 December 2011 was the wedding day of my close friend and on the same week there were Sunday School and Youth Christmas Celebrations at my church, GBI Citra 2, in Jakarta. Going back to Indonesia, especially to Jakarta is an enjoyable trip for me although it was only a short trip. This time round I brought my camera along as I noticed I haven’t had any good photos of my own hometown! (Ooppss… ). Well, I don’t have really good photography skill but still, I hope that I could bring some good photos back to Singapore.

    The Sunday School Christmas celebration was held a day before my friend’s wedding day so I have plenty of time on the day. As usual, the children are merry (-go-round). Need to put extreme hard effort to get them concentrated. There are kids after all. Phew… 😀

    Meanwhile for Youth, it was held on the same day as my friend’s big day. So, I decided to attend my friends’ Holy Matrimony in the afternoon and go for the ceremony dinner a bit later after the first half Youth Christmas services in the church. The teens that I used to follow-up in the past, now has really grown up and not only that…they are completely awesome! By seeing them, it gave me kind of warm feeling. Happy and motivated. 🙂

    Ok, with my dress and heels on, before getting set for the dinner party, I managed to spend some times to capture the moment. Errr…not really good but I am happy. 😀 There were praise and worship, musical drama, performance and sharing session from a special guest, Tracy Trinita and of course, candlelight not to miss. Everything went smooth (as I see).

    The joyful faces..the fun during the services…the moment where we were praising and worshipping God, there were so many things to capture. I recorded one part of the drama in video format which I feel glad that I have done that. It’s cool to see the energy of the youths and the unlimited creativity that they have! 🙂 The title of the musical drama is “GALAU – God Always Live Among Us”.

    Time flies but memories will last. Hope to see all the kids keep growing in faith and love to God. Let’s fill all the empty seats! Though a bit late, here I wish everyone a Merry Christmas and a wonderful New Year 2012 ahead. Till we meet again! God bless! 🙂

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