Singapore Night Festival

    Singapore Night Festival is an annual event showcasing the light shows and performance in the major area of Singapore. It is a good opportunity for photographers to snap photos. For me, it was not only a chance for me to practice my photography skills but also a chance for me to see the event for the very first time, too!

    I went with the same Photographer group that I went for the Chinese Garden sunset photo last time. In the beginning, we all were still gathered together at the appointed meeting point but later on, slowly. we were scattered all over places in a smaller group. That night was too crowded and difficult to move around in one big group. It didn’t really matter. We all still enjoy the outing. 🙂

    It was my first experience taking an event shot like this with so many movements. Some of the photos turned out to be blur or out of focus. But, it was fun! It was a good experience, too! 🙂

    Click on the image for the bigger view. Enjoy!

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