Flow Coffee: A Cozy Cafe in the Middle of Gading Serpong, Tangerang

    Bright, cozy, warm. That were what I felt the moment I stepped into this cafe. This cafe was opened about 10 months ago and is one of the cafe located in Serpong Blitz shophouses area. 

    “I like it here”, spontaneously I told my friend while we grabbed our seat at level one at Flow Coffee cafe.

    We were there early that morning and not many customers were seen in the cafe. I am not really a coffee drinker but I am a cafe lover! 🙂 I like spending time in a cafe to chill with friends, to think and to do my works. Flow Coffee with its rustic style and natural colour theme applied to most of the interior, doesn’t need that much effort to get into my favourite cafe list in Gading Serpong.

    Mr. Imam, the Barista

    After we were seated, there was a guy greeted us with a smile and asked what we would like to order. His name is Imam and he’s the only Barista in this cafe. We had a little conversation with him which eventually got my interest to found out more about the cafe after my friend left to his office.

    According to Imam, crowd usually start flowing in from 4 pm onwards and although it’s just opened for less than a year, Flow Coffee has already had few regular customers. He said that their regular customers usually come back for the same order and he even remembers by heart what his regular customers’ orders. So, the moment he sees customers from far before entering the cafe, he will start making the espresso or preparing necessary ingredients so that after the customers seated, they don’t need to wait for too long for their orders. What a thoughtful of him towards his customers.

    Flow Coffee and Its Atmosphere

    Flow Coffee has three-storey with smoking seating area available at the second level and non-smoking area at both levels. The third level is still closed at the moment. What I like about this cafe is the spacious seating area. There is also a glass partition which separates the non-smoking and smoking area, so both smoker and non-smoker will have their own comfortable space.

    The Gorrilla Cake and A Cup of Coffee at Flow Coffee

    “Gorilla?” Yes. That’s the name of the cake in Flow Coffee which is made from Chocolate, Banana, and Bailey’s. If you love Bailey’s, you should not miss it! Or you may want to try something lighter such as cheese or chocolate croissant.

    How about a cup of coffee from their choice of imported coffee beans? Or perhaps a cup of Green Tea Latte or Taro Latte? 🙂

    Brew Your Own Coffee at Flow Coffee

    Have you ever wanted to try to brew your own coffee? Now the chance is here! 🙂 Although it is not the main feature of this cafe but if you want to try to brew your own coffee or make a non-coffee beverage, you are most welcomed to do so! Mr. Imam will guide you through the process (not a latte art though) but at your own risk – meaning, how will your coffee tastes and looks like it will depend on yourself. :p But hey come one, where else you will get this kind of experience unless you open your own cafe. 😉

    • • •

    Flow Coffee
    (Permanently closed)

    Jl. Boulevard Raya Gading Serpong
    Ruko Blitz Block B No.6
    Tangerang, Banten
    Phone: (021) 7165 1989
    Operating Hours: 10 am – 8 pm

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