Gavio 2WIN Packaging Concepts

    2WIN is the name of this rotating speaker. Overall the look of this stereo speaker is decent but the special part is it can be rotated to 3 directions. When I was given this task, I was only provided with the sample product with zero information. So, the first step that I did was to do the modelling of the product. It helped me much in my process to do the packaging.

    Below is the modelling that I drew in Illustrator.

    That time I were told to play around with translucent material. I was thinking of to make use of the product colour itself which is one solid black colour as the base and explored with some metallic hot stamp printing on the box. And below was the outcome.

    Then, later on, I was told that to save cost, they decided to use paper packaging instead. So, the process had to start all over again. To make the product more appealing, I tried to play with colours and paper material and I also tried to design the logo in such a way to suit the style. But it turned out not really good. So, at the moment ~ mission failed! Though my Supervisor almost had approved the design.

    The next request was, I were told to try to create character on the box. Ok……I tried!! And personally, I pretty like the character I created. 🙂 The concept behind it was the speaker itself. Since it’s rotatable and it is stereo (comes in a pair), so I tried to use “misleading” concept for the character. 😀 The story is one male and one female, and the male character flirts with the female character saying,” We are 2WIN, aren’t we?” ~ 2WIN read as twin.

    And this is the selected final color with lipstick in hot pink color which go for final production. 🙂


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