6 Ultimate Places in Majalengka You Should Not Miss If You Love Outdoor

    Never heard of Majalengka? If so, how about Bandung? I bet you have heard of it often or probably have been there countless time. Well, do you know that moving away from Bandung, about two hours and thirty minutes drive, you will get to another regency in West Java named Majalengka? That is where the new Kertajati International Airport that sooner or later will take over the duties of Husein Sastranegara International Airport in Bandung located at. There are few domestic airlines that have already flown in and out from this Kertajati International Airport or locally called as Bandar Udara Internasional Jawa Barat (BIJB) Kertajati.

    6 Places in Majalengka You Shall Not Miss

    Majalengka is also named as the exotic Sundaland. I suppose it gets the title for reasons. For 5 days as we explore Majalengka and we all agreed that it is not long enough to see wholly what Majalengka has to offer. However, if you love outdoor activities, these are a few places that you should not miss when you are in Majalengka!

    #1 Bukit Panten

    If you want to see the sunrise while you are in Majalengka, you can go wrong by coming to Bukit Panten or Panten Hill. We stayed at Fitra Hotel, only about 10 mins away from Bukit Panten. Not far from the parking area, we can already see a big area of green grasses where we can sit down and enjoy the unblocked view overlooking the city while sipping a cup of hot tea or coffee with some light snacks. Bukit Panten is also the place where all the Paragliders come and set themselves off the hill. Fly high, gliders!

    #2 Curug Sempong

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    ‘Curug’ means waterfall in Sundanese language. The Sempong Waterfall or Sempong Water Fountain is located in Sidamukti, reachable by car but we will still need to walk for probably about 30 minutes down to the waterfall. We were there during the dry season, hence, the water debit is lower than it usually is. The path is flat for the first few hundred meters and after that, it is going downhill gradually – a little bit rocky but not difficult. I find Curug Sempong is pretty unique because of the wall colour around the fall that is brownish and a little yellowish, too. Well, the path along the wall leading to the waterfall is slippery. So watch out your steps!

    #3 Gunung Karang

    peekholidays-majalengka-gunung karang

    Not exactly know the history behind this Gunung Karang or Rocky Mountain though. All I can remember is the journey coming here is quite challenging. The sharp turn uphill which might turn off the guts of the drivers, but that is it. The journey itself is part of the experience that make the trip complete. The trail going up to the top of the hill is fairly friendly for people of any ages. The scenic view seen from the hilltop worth all the efforts of getting there. There are several caves to explore as well. Stop and take your time to enjoy the view.

    #4 Bukit Mercury Sayang Kaak

    peekholidays-majalengka-sayang kaak

    There was a number of nests found around this area before, hence, the locals named it Sayang Kaak, means Eagle nest. Then, later on, the locals create one name which is more common to public, Bukit Mercury. If we come before the harvest time, we will be rewarded with a view of beautiful plantation around. Not only that! Because it is located at 1500 mdpl, the temperature here is colder, too! If you are hungry, fret not! There are ‘warung’ (small shops) selling food and drinks in Bukit Mercury Sayang Kaak. Order a cup of tea or coffee, and find your favourite spot there to enjoy the view!

    #5 Curug Cipeteuy

    peekholidays-majalengka-curug cipeteuy

    Among all the waterfalls in Indonesia I visited, I must say that this Curug Cipeteuy is different and has been maintained very well. It takes only about 10-15 minutes to walk down to the waterfall from the entrance. Along the way, we will pass by a few eateries where usually people will stop by to have their meals after from the waterfall. The water bank is divided into two sections– one is more shallow and another one is deeper and has the direct downpour from the fall itself. Curug Cipeteuy is obviously a family-friendly place for any ages.

    #6 Cikadongdong River Tubing

    peekholidays-majalengka-cikadongdong river tubing

    Although this attraction is managed by a group of young people, they have the passion and high dedication in running this water attraction. It is proven by their winning in API AWARD 2019 in the category of best water attraction in Indonesia. Cikadongdong River Tubing offers two options for their visitors – 350 m long easy ride or 1 km ride with a minimum of 13 riders at once. The tube provided is by far the most comfortable I have ever encountered because there is a cover or some kind of padding that cover up the bottom to prevent our buttocks hit the rock at the shallower part. This is definitely the activity that you shall not miss when visiting Majalengka!

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    Besides enjoying nature in Majalengka, you may want to check out Sukawana Dream Village that is not too far from Kertajati International Airport in West Java as well. Join their cycling trip and be amused by the view of the plantation as we cycle along. Depending on the season we visit Majalengka, the plant rice during the wet season and shallot during the dry season.

    Majalengka may not as popular as its neighbour, Bandung, for now. However, as more flights will be landing and taking off from the new airport in Kertajati International Airport (BIJB) in Majalengka, gradually, it soon will be.

    So, when will you visit Majalengka?

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