When Will You Get Married?

    This will be my first post to share a bit more about my personal life. It may be sound cheesy. Well, I can’t care much enough. The topic is about stepping to the next phase of my life – marriage. I featured my not so good-looking feet as this topic is not into my interest. Ha! :p

    “When will you get married?”

    People around me, either family or friends have been asking me this question until I rated it as the most frequently asked question to me for the past two to three years.

    While I understand that my age is getting bigger each year in number, wrinkles are starting become good friends of mine, inside me, I don’t know when I will be in a new relationship. Although I do socialize and have my heart opened wide to welcome a new guy. Somehow, the previous eight years relationship which gone to vain somehow still left its piece in me – a piece of lesson that makes me understand about what is the purpose of being in a relationship and getting married one day. It is definitely more than merely a boy and a girl or a man and a woman, meet, dating and get married matter.

    Don’t get me wrong. I was hurt but not hating anyone or keep hatred on guys. Some people who are close to me often to have that assumption. It is normal, though. I understand that they are just trying to show concern on me and I am thankful for that. But no, I am not hating anyone or holding grudges to anybody.

    We were good, it was the situation that set us apart. The relationship was over but the after-effects are still here unknowingly. The good and the bad. I do not regret. What we have become today, what we have achieved and accomplished until today, all because of the hard but right decision that we have made that day.

    “We found our true identity. We found our passion.”

    I love to wander around while he loves music and stays in one place. He is a great pianist and I am still his fans until today. 🙂 He is chasing his dream and I am chasing mine. After so long going round and round the circle and out from it, we seem to have become more understanding about our real-life purpose. What are our life priorities – No one understand that except us.

    But, the question is not being answered yet.

    “So, when will you get married?”


    Although I seem to not so care about this matter, but I do still longing to have my own family one day. I don’t know when it will happen. I don’t know where and I don’t know with whom. Ideally (like in fairytale) will be when I have found him and have been found by him. All happen at the right time. Till then, I will just believe and do my part – focus on my calling.


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