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    Often times we are longing for a break from our routine, aren’t we? It is like we really need a break, a good break and off to somewhere. We will then try hard to set aside a certain amount from our paycheck every month for saving – with a hope that by the time we get a chance to travel or when travel fairs offer alluring deals, we have the fund to go for it. Ideally, we save enough then we feed our desire to travel. But the fact is, how many of us do actually go with the plan successfully? From my own experiences, maybe out of five times I planned so, I only fulfilled one or maybe two successfully.

    I could say the usual cause, I was not committed enough to go along with my own plan – too many temptations around. I would think this month I need to buy this and in another month I would think I need to spend on that. It keeps carrying on so which obviously makes the saving plan a difficult task. So, most of the times, I would go for an instalment plan that suitable for me where I could commit myself not to fail to pay every month and it was actually helpful. This idea may not be suitable for everyone but for my case, yes.

    Last week, a number of travel enthusiasts were invited to getting to know more about the multi-purpose financial program called Maxi Travel by Adira Finance. They hope this can be a solution for groups of people that want to travel, however, they can’t fork out a lump sum of cash at once. That group of people can be me, you, your friends or anyone around you. So, let’s see if this can really be an alternative solution to finance our travel needs.

    MAXI TRAVEL by Adira Finance

    What is Maxi Travel?

    As mentioned above that Maxi Travel is a multi-purpose financing program by Adira Finance that can be used to finance the costs of travelling. This program comes with options of travel packages covering religious tour, domestic and overseas tours as well as flight and hotel booking from travel company they have a partnership with. However, if we found tour packages that are more suitable for us but not from the partner list, it should not be an issue at all. We still can apply for Maxi Travel by going directly to the nearest branch of Adira Finance and referring them to the travel company we choose.

    How to apply?

    To apply for the program, the applicant must have ownership of at least one motor vehicle, be it car or motorbike. The application process is pretty straight-forward. The customer can go to any travel company and right away choose their desired tour package. If the travel company have a partnership with Adira Finance, then they will right away contact the nearest Adira Finance branch to process the payment. If not, then we can head on to the nearest branch and apply for the financing program. To apply for the program, the applicant must bring a copy of identity card (KTP), BPKB and STNK – proof of ownership of a vehicle, family card and lastly NPWP (Tax Identity Card).

    For more detail, please go to Adira Finance website.

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    Latest Event & Promotions by Adira Finance

    #1 Sahabat Lokal

    If you love to capture the moment and beauty in your local places, do not miss this Sahabat Lokal, a contest held by Adira Finance where we can show our creativity through photo, video and win million dollars prizes. Find out more at

    #2 Catch MotoGP Sepang 2018 and Explore Kuala Lumpur Tour Package

    With MotoGP Sepang 2018 coming up, Adira Finance together with TX Travel design a tour package to catch the MotoGP show and tour in Kuala Lumpur with departing dates November 2 to 5 for 4 days 3 nights package, and November 3 to 5 for three days two nights package. There are several departing points for this package which are Jakarta, Bandung, Semarang, Yogyakarta, Surabaya, Denpasar, and Makassar.

    #3 Three Countries Package

    Explore three countries in 5 days 4 nights tours to Singapore, Thailand, and Malaysia. The sale period is from April 7 to November 15, 2018.

    For more information on above tour packages, please contact Dering Adira at 1500511, or email to [email protected].

    About Adira Finance

    Adira Finance started as a car financing company in the year 1990 which then expanded to motorbikes in the year 1997. The company offered their shares to Bursa Efek Jakarta in 2004 and then taken over by PT Bank Danamon Indonesia which currently owns 92,07% of their total shares. Since 2015, Adira Finance has started to expand their financing program not limited to vehicles or automotive but also to household and other purposes.

    ” Maxi Travel is one of the ways to answer our travel needs. “

    We asked Adira Finance the reason of creating this MAXI TRAVEL program at this time where there are many cases where people are actually trapped in a debt because of following the trend of travelling; the fear of missing out, and so. Set aside from the business point of view, the Deputy Director, Mr Antonius Danny Hendarko, said it is purely because he, himself loves to travel. And what else more rewarding than being involved in doing something we love as part of the business. Well, for this reason, I think most of us can relate well. Travelling has somehow become a lifestyle rather than an occasional need.

    In Indonesia, there is a saying, “There are many ways to Rome.” Applying to this matter – There are many ways for us to travel. It’s only about which way we choose. MAXI TRAVEL is one of the ways to answer our travel needs. Be wise and not impulsive, and this probably will get us to many places we have been wishing for long.

    We can’t expect all swimming pools to be closed only because we can’t swim. Likewise to the cases where people get into debt because they miscalculate their finances. We can’t blame the facilities available for us if it is ourselves who can’t commit to maintaining it. Something like that. 

    How do you usually finance your love of travelling? Feel free to share with us in the comment below. Probably with some tips, too! 


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