Weekend Escape to Universal Studio Singapore

    So….my sister got a free Universal Studios Singapore ticket from her company! Then we purchased another one ticket and there we headed to Universal Studio Singapore (USS)! It was just at the right time cause my father was not in town that weekend. The weather was good, sunny day. Crowds were already there around 9.30 am. I bought the entry ticket at a discounted price as an NTUC member.

    Weekend ticket price is at $74. NTUC member was entitled for 10% off which at the end I only paid for $66.60 for the ticket. It is always recommended to go on weekdays instead of the weekend. Besides not only the entry ticket price is cheaper, $68 ($61.20 after 10% off), the crowd is lesser, too.

    The moment I stepped in, I saw this direction board. And you may notice, it’s only October, but Christmas ornaments were already up, added to the atmosphere around. City in the City. Btw, I like the lamp post. 🙂

    Not far from there…I saw Poo!! Haha…My most favourite character in Kungfu Panda movie! I was so excited. But I didn’t dare to approach him to take a picture with him. So, I just admired him from far….far….far…away…

    Aaa…this is the Far Far Away palace! Unfortunately, I found Shrek nowhere. 🙁

    The Mummy!

    Just nice the performers were facing and smiling at me. 🙂

    Other performers of the day. They are not only pretty but sing and dance very well, too! 🙂

    Bumble Beee! Woohooo….but the ride was closed for maintenance that day. 🙁

    Replica of Chinatown in New York City.

    Replica of Manhattan.

    The place is not really big but compact with rides and interesting replicas of places. I shall say, my visit this time was only briefly roaming around and took a few photos. 😀 The excitement taking rides, must not be missed. So, I will be back again to USS next time! 🙂


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