Morning Spirit! The Spirit of The ONE Legian Hotel in Bali

    Morning Spirit!”

    Your ears will be tickled when you hear such greeting wherever you go around the hotel that used to be dominated by blue colour. Starting from January 2016, the warm colours that represent sunrise would be their new branding colour and when you walk along the Legian road, you will now only find The ONE Legian Hotel. Your guess is right. The 101 Legian Hotel has changed its name to The ONE Legian.

    The ONE Legian Hotel has 300+ rooms which also makes it the biggest hotel around the Legian area, is the most happening hotel I have ever stayed in Bali. Yeap, Bali is a happening place, especially in Kuta and Legian area. No doubt. Whoever been there before would agree with me. Probably I am not that kind of happening type of person, so I always try to avoid to stay in this area. I have always been having a concept in my mind that the Legian area is busy, noisy, and any other similar terms you may say it as a not peaceful place to stay. If you are with me, keep on reading.

    So, last December I went beyond my comfort zone and stayed at The ONE Legian Hotel for two nightsIt was such a big deal for me as I didn’t know if I would enjoy and stay through those three days and two nights happily or I would leave there for good after my first day. Sometimes, I just need a little bit ‘shake’ on my boat so I won’t feel too comfortable with my current being and stop improving.

    I was a little bit tensed when I arrived at The ONE Legion on my first day because I woke up early in the morning to catch my flight to Denpasar but unfortunately my flight was delayed for almost two hours. I was just back from my hiking trip the night before and with the addition of flight delayed situation, it did make me feel lousy for the whole day.

    “Hhhmmpphh!! I want to enjoy my days in Bali!” I pulled myself up and managed to end the day with a good sleep in my room after had a gathering meeting with Irma, Eko, and also one of my Blogger friends, Puspa from Despite the hotel location that is in a busy area, it wasn’t noisy or messy as I thought. The first night had been great.

    The Guest Rooms

    The next day, I explored around to see what this 4-stars hotel has to offer. The ONE Legian has two connecting buildings: the main building and the new extension building which cater mostly Superior and Deluxe guest rooms with a very limited number of family and suite room. We got a chance to view the Superior guest rooms which are located at the main building and the biggest difference between superior and deluxe room is on the balcony. Superior room has no balcony while deluxe room does have and the room is also bigger although not too significant. Both room sizes are in a comfortable range with good room facilities and amenities.

    The Rooftop Restaurant & De Basilico Kitchen and Bar

    There are two restaurants at The ONE Legian Hotel. One is the Rooftop Dine & Music Lounge at the rooftop and the other one is at the basement near to the lobby, De Basilico Kitchen & Bar. Both the restaurant is clean and cosy. The waitress and the staffs are polite and friendly – full of smile. That’s the “morning spirit” I guess. 🙂

    The Rooftop Restaurant (sheltered area)

    I heard from somewhere that we can tell whether the Chef has good or bad skill by tasting the simplest food that they prepare. And yes, I ordered that simplest food – FRIED RICE! Actually I just didn’t know what to order and I was kind of craving of fried rice so I ordered that.

    The fried rice was presented in an interesting way. If usually fried egg is put on the top of the rice, here the fried egg is wrapping the rice instead, then topped with grilled prawns and crackers and also not forgetting the two sticks of satay which served as the condiment. The portion was not too much or less which I also prefer it so.

    I also tried other food as well as the desserts at the other time and I would say that my picky tongue immediately fell in love with whatever items I ordered. I would recommend the Crispy Duck! The duck meat is tender and tasty and the overall meal is not too oily.

    The Urban Night Party

    Before I headed to my room and called it a day, I joined the Urban Night Party which was happening at the Deck, near to the De Basilico restaurant. The Urban Night Party is the only time where we can enjoy the Special Chef-prepared BBQ all you can eat combine with local Balinese food. There was a spread of food along the Deck and I got to pick up the food I want to and then passed it to the Chef to grill it for me. Urban Street Party is a much more casual way to enjoy food and unwind at night than at the restaurant.

    The Health & Wellness – Spa & Gym

    The ONE Legian Hotel also has a spa facility and a mini gym located in the same area. It is a small one thus advance booking is a must and even so, the service quality is not taken lightly by them. I was impressed with the staff who explained to me with so patiently and professionally about the massage oil that was available for me to choose for my massage session and its benefits. My one-hour massage was gone fast and I slept even sweeter on the second night.

    The last thing that I want to show you is the swimming pool. There are two swimming pools at the ONE Legian Hotel – one is near to the guest rooms and the other one which is also the most happening swimming pool is located at the rooftop, where the Sky Pool Party takes place three times a week. Check out @theonelegian on Instagram for the Sky Pool Party photos.

    That’s all I have to share about The ONE Legian Hotel in Bali. And what I was worried most that I wouldn’t have a pleasant stay here, it didn’t actually happen. In fact, I had a good rest there and would recommend this place for you who prefer to stay in Legian area when you are travelling to Bali.

    Don’t miss the promotion that they currently have right now up to June 2016! Happy travelling!

    The ONE Legian
    Jalan Legian No. 117
    Badung, Bali 80361
    Tel.: +62 361 3001 101
    Email: [email protected] / [email protected]


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