Paris-Lyon Café: The Perfect Match to Allium Batam Hotel

    What a good hotel is without a good restaurant?

    Yeap..yeap..right..I did also say that in my review on Allium Batam Hotel. If earlier on I shared about my staying experience, then now I am sharing about my dining experience. Paris-Lyon Café is the dining venue in the Allium Hotel. Where there is Allium Hotel, there is Paris-Lyon Café. It is kind of pairing up to give a full staying and dining experience altogether to the guests.

    Allium Hotel which is under the management of Samali Hotels and Resorts currently has two branches in Indonesia – one is in Batam, Riau island, and one is in Tangerang, West Java. I stayed in Allium Tangerang twice and as I remember, the interior of both restaurants is similar – The big window glass overseeing unblocked view outside of the hotel, the friendly waitresses, and also the foods.

    Since my dining experience at Allium Batam Hotel was just over not long ago, so my sharing will only focus on this particular branch only, Paris-Lyon Café in Allium Batam Hotel.

    Dining at Paris-Lyon Café

    Paris-Lyon Café serves not only local Indonesia cuisines but also western, such as sandwiches, pizza, pasta, as you can see some of the menus from the photo below.

    Paris-Lyon Cafe Menu

    Pizza & Sandwich

    I was introduced to their Wood-fired Oven Pizza – a thin crust style pizza with a selection of toppings. Some people say that a wood-fired oven pizza tastes better than usual pizza because of the heat stored in the dense walls radiates across the dome evenly. Thus, it gets cooked much better and faster. My curiosity kicking in, so I went to check out the ‘behind-the-scene’ – how the chef prepares the pizza. 😀

    Roll..roll…put some cheese…and taraaa….
    There’s our pizza went in!

    All the pizza is made upon receiving orders from guests so the freshness is guaranteed. From rolling the dough to the baking process, looked simple but I think besides the dough, the most important part is also to control the overall heat in the wood-fired oven.

    Personally, I don’t really like thin crust pizza because for me it is like eating crackers somehow. It is also like you don’t feel full after eating it yet it is still almost as sinful as eating usual pizza. Especially for me who have no more space for extra calories, it’d be better to be selective. But hey, guess what. I pretty like the pizza here.

    Ignore the burnt crust on the side. The Chef must have felt disturbed by me who kept taking photos of him. :p
    Paris-Lyon Pizza Au Boeuf

    ‘Pizza Au Boeuf’ is a tomato and mozzarella thin crust pizza topped with smoked beef, mushroom and basil. As you can see from the above photos that it was not that thin and crispy as I thought. It also was not that ‘light’ as I usually think and not so greasy as well.

    We also ordered for Club Sandwich. The size was just nice, not too big neither too small which may be messy all over places when we bite it (If you like to eat a sandwich, you will understand what I mean). I love to eat bread and sandwich is one of my favourites. But please don’t just treat me with a box of the sandwich if we were meet one day. 😀

    Paris-Lyon Club Sandwich

    Indonesian Cuisines

    On the following day, I and my friend chose the Indonesian cuisines for lunch. I can’t remember the name of the meal we ordered. Oopss…~ I am Indonesian and I can be biased in grading the local Indonesian cuisines. So, you may judge from the photos below. Will you try these?

    Buffet Style Breakfast

    As a guest in Allium Batam Hotel, I got to enjoy a buffet-style breakfast served at Paris-Lyon Café, too. The buffet spread was not very wide but every dish I tried tastes great. In fact, I was surprised when one of the staffs in the restaurant asked me if I would like to have noodle and then she told me that they made the noodles by themselves. Hand-pulled noodle (拉麵) and fresh made. The keyword is fresh.

    After I ordered, I saw the guy behind the buffet counter, start rolling, smashing and pulling the dough until it magically turned to be strings of noodle. The noodle counter was a little bit hidden among all those cooked dishes counter, so, do check with the staffs in any case you can’t find it when you have your ‘breakkie’ here. 🙂

    Fresh made Hand-pulled noodle (拉麵)

    Besides breakfast, lunch and dinner, Paris-Lyon Café also serves afternoon tea break. They called it ‘Afternoon TEAmptation’ which is available from 2 pm to 6 pm.

    Conclusion – What I think of Paris-Lyon CaféAllium Batam Hotel

    Overall, all the foods I tried were good..good..good..and up to my standard. *happy* Maybe the only advice I can give you right now if you were staying at Allium Batam Hotel is to wake up earlier and enjoy the breakfast to your heart-contented. Or stop by for lunch or dinner perhaps?

    Paris-Lyon Café @ Allium Batam Hotel
    Komplek Panorama Nagoya Batam
    Kepulauan Riau, Riau Islands Province 29432
    Phone: +62 778 452 888

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