Airbnb: Enhances My Holiday Experiences

    I discovered this platform about a year ago when I tried to used this platform to book accommodation for my first solo trip to South Korea last April. And it turned out to be so good! Probably some of you are still not familiar with this growing vacation rental platform, Airbnb. They just changed their logo not long ago. As you can see from the below image, on the left is their old logo and the new logo is on the right.

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    What’s Good About AirBnB?

    When I went to Busan, South Korea, that’s my first solo trip and I wanted to experience something different. I wanted to blend with locals, stay at somewhere I could meet locals more than tourists. And guess what, I found a great host with a nice room through Airbnb. It gave me more options to choose my accommodation. Especially at the areas where there is no or limited choices of hotel available, it does really help.

    [Source: Airbnb – Place I stayed in Busan]

    Is It Safe?

    Be selective and read the reviews prior booking. No one can guarantee safety. Even crimes happen if we stay in a hotel, too. Fair enough? I also booked my accommodation for my full trip to Australia and New Zealand through Airbnb. I had one friend with me on the trip which means I had one additional responsibility on my shoulder for those 14 days. So, I had to make sure everything was going to be fine.

    So, as usual as prior booking hotel, I checked on reviews online. If the hotel is pretty new, no reviews yet, I will read through all the information available regarding the hotel. Read carefully and make a decision โ€“ “OK. Go for it! Let’s see if it’s as good as it says in the description.” That’s what I did as well prior making any booking through via Airbnb. Same process.

    At the end of the post, there is info on how to get USD25 OFF for your accommodation booking in Indonesia.

    What makes it different I would say will be the hosts. The feeling of staying at home when you are actually away from your home. And if you would like to talk to someone, most of the hosts would love to communicate with the guests. Not all but mostly. I was glad that all the hosts I have ever stayed with were nice and friendly so far and I enjoyed my holiday more than I usually do.

    For the payment, whatever we pay, it will be held by Airbnb and will only be released approximately 24 hours after the guest arrives. In other words, no stay no pay. But do note that there is a terms and conditions applied for cancellation made by us.

    Other thing that I like about this Airbnb concept is, it indirectly helps generate income for people who may be jobless or have retired from their work or just a full-time housewife or whatever their professions are. Or it also be people who just merely renting out their spare room for an extra income and don’t be surprise that some of the host willing to be an Airbnb host purely because they like to meet people from all around the world! ๐Ÿ™‚

    This little cute girl is the baby of one of my hosts in New Zealand. I enjoyed chatting with the hosts and listening to their stories and so on. It gave me deeper memories, not merely a holiday out from the country but also more interactions with people. Indeed, Airbnb has enhanced my holiday experiences. ๐Ÿ™‚

    Btw, this is not a sponsored post. I am happy with my experiences that’s why I am sharing it. And the good news is Airbnb is giving USD25 voucher to all my readers and followers who book accommodation in Indonesia. This is one of their effort to promote tourism in Indonesia. Do fill up your detail below to obtain one! The e-voucher will be emailed to you by Airbnb. ๐Ÿ™‚

    I want to get USD25 OFF for my accommodation booking in Indonesia

    Voucher Giveaways Ended

    So, what do you think of Airbnb? Would you give it a try if you have not tried yet? Share your experiences with Airbnb on the below comment. Happy holiday! ๐Ÿ™‚

    *Theย promotion above is already over. However, you may sign up for Airbnb account using this referrer link to get a discount for your first booking โ€“ any countries. Have fun and enjoy your stay! ๐Ÿ˜‰
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