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    The Charming Bohemian Jogja Villas in Yogyakarta

    Bohemian Jogja Villa is located on the strategic northern side of Yogyakarta with easy access to cafes, restaurants, shops, malls, bars, entertainment, and public services. The location though is not really in the central, however, the access and distance to some popular places in Jogjakarta are still reasonable.In my opinion, the fact that Bohemian Jogja Villas has two locations that are located opposite from...

    Fakfak Birdwatching: Belah Rotan Bird of Paradise

    I never thought I would have the chance, but I finally set foot here in Fakfak last year. It is a regency situated on the land of Papua and is part of West Papua Province; it is only an hour's flight to get there from Sorong. The fact that the runway at the Torea Airport is only 19 meters long makes it one of...

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