Tracy Chong

I love nature and I wish to swim with whales one day. If I am not exploring and working in front of my laptop, most likely I will spend the day trying out new recipes or spending time with family or friends.

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A Getaway to Karimunjawa Islands

Karimunjawa Islands is about two hours away by boat from Jepara in Central Java.

Sailing to Pulau Seribu on the Phinisi Boat de Kartini by Trizara Resorts

Now we can also go to Pulau Seribu in syle. De Kartini will bring you to Pari Island in Seribu in comfort.

Daroyen Village in Raja Ampat

From Waisai, we took another 45 minutes speedboat ride to this little homestay - Daroyen Village.

Toponym Series: The Origin of the Names of the Beach Cities in Sulawesi

Ever crossed in my mind before about the name of places in some areas of Indonesia that is just so unique that some of them don't even sound like a language that...

5 Exciting Destinations for Active Travellers

While most of my friends dying to visit popular cities in the world, for me, I would prefer to visit places that offer me a scenic view of mountains, lakes, or where...

Festival Pesona Lokal Jakarta & Adira Finance 28th Anniversary

After held in 8 different cities around Indonesia for the last 3 months, it finally reached the peak of the programme in Jakarta which is also the last stop and closure of the whole festival. 

Bunaken & Lembeh: Which One Shall I Go?

I and friends were in Gorontalo, to be exact, in Pulo Cinta or Love Island – the eco-resort that has become one of the favourite stops for people who go to Gorontalo. Pulo Cinta...

Coral Planting in Pulau Seribu

Okay, I think I need a break. A continuous headache that I had after my trip to the Togean Islands was killing me – my mood and my mind. I couldn’t focus on...

How to Plan Your Holiday – A Better One

In general, people love to travel. Whether it is to nearby places or somewhere far that involves taking various mode of transportation. What kind of holiday, preferences and the way each people plans...



Morning Spirit! The Spirit of The ONE Legian Hotel in Bali

"Morning Spirit!" Your ears will be tickled when you hear such greeting wherever you go around the hotel that used...

Torosiaje: Walking in the Bajo Village of Gorontalo

Early of this month, Pohuwato, one of the Gorontalo regencies in northern Sulawesi, just celebrated its 14th Anniversary. I was there...

Reasons for Loving The Great Lake Taupo

It was the last stop of our New Zealand trip after Auckland, Hamilton, Matamata and Rotorua. I can't deny that I love...

Labuan Cermin: Two Layers Lake in Indonesia

Slowly breathing in and out through my snorkel gear. I heard my own breathing sound inside the water that was crystal clear seen...

Hard Rock Cafe in New York City

I went back to New York City just for a night stroll with my brother and sister-in-law one night. I remember that...