Narnia Musical Drama

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Perjalanan, Impian, dan Asa Setelah Pandemi COVID-19

Tahun lalu, saya begitu menanti-nantikan tibanya tahun 2020. Ada berbagai rencana jalan-jalan dengan keluarga dan teman-teman yang sudah dipikirkan untuk sepanjang tahun ini. Namun,...

The photo shooting was not done by myself. And seems like nowadays, photo touch up has become part of Graphic Designer job. Polish off the things that are not supposed to be there and adjust the colour accordingly. It is fun though – when jobs are not piling up – but when you are chased by jobs like crazy then this could be very frustrating.

I brighten up the color of the “White Witch”, actually wanted to let her kinda glowing. 😀 But I was worry it will be overly done. I was pretty satisfied with overall looks. Blue and white – winter feels. World of Narnia! 🙂

Tracy Chong-Narnia Musical Drama
Tracy Chong-Narnia Musical Drama
Tracy Chong-Narnia Musical Drama
Tracy Chonghttps://about.me/chongtracy
I love nature and I wish to swim with whales one day. If I am not exploring and working in front of my laptop, most likely I will spend the day trying out new recipes or spending time with family or friends.


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