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    Coral Adopt & Conservation in Karimunjawa Islands

    It's been a few years since I adopted my first reef star for a coral planting project in Jakarta and Bali. I'm thrilled to receive the monthly report from the Bali project, which shows the positive impact made by the project team members and contributors on the ocean. The newly grown reef has become a home for marine animals. I can't bear the thought...

    The Charming Bohemian Jogja Villas in Yogyakarta

    Bohemian Jogja Villa is located on the strategic northern side of Yogyakarta with easy access to cafes, restaurants, shops, malls, bars, entertainment, and public services. The location though is not really in the central, however, the access and distance to some popular places in Jogjakarta are still reasonable.In my opinion, the fact that Bohemian Jogja Villas has two locations that are located opposite from...

    Support Bali Coral Conservation and Help Save the Ocean

    Conservation matter may be one of many things that don't get much attention compared to other issues in the tourism industry. Despite Indonesia being the country with the largest archipelago in the world, a significant number of people have not yet received the information on how important it is to appreciate nature and take care of them.

    Loba-Loba Cave Diving in Buton Tengah

    Loba-Loba Cave is just one of the underwater caves found in Buton Tengah. Many other underwater caves with various challenges in Buton Tengah have been found and mapped by the local divers.

    Welora: The New Paradise for Divers in the Southwest of Maluku

    "Tracy, where to next? You gotta find out more places to explore so we can join you again!"A few of my friends asked me...

    Please Take Care of Me – Dive in Tulamben, Bali

    With the dive tank on our back, fins on our hands, we walked cautiously on the beach full of small pebbles and entering the...

    ReActivate Scuba Diving – Practice Diving in Swimming Pool Jakarta

    Reactivate Scuba Diving. For those who have not been diving for more than six months are advised to take up this program.

    Diving in Karimunjawa

    Asked me what made me thinking of coming all the way here to Karimunjawa two years ago. Well, a few years earlier, it was...

    A Getaway to Karimunjawa Islands

    Karimunjawa Islands is about two hours away by boat from Jepara in Central Java.

    Daroyen Village in Raja Ampat

    From Waisai, we took another 45 minutes speedboat ride to this little homestay - Daroyen Village.

    Bunaken & Lembeh: Which One Shall I Go?

    I and friends were in Gorontalo, to be exact, in Pulo Cinta or Love Island – the eco-resort that has become one of the favourite stops...

    Coral Planting in Pulau Seribu

    Okay, I think I need a break. A continuous headache that I had after my trip to the Togean Islands was killing me –...

    Taka Bonerate: The Real Hidden Gem of South Sulawesi

    TA-KA BO-NE-RA-TEPlease repeat after me.• • •Taka Bonerate. My friend once told me how beautiful this place is. I still remember reading his long...

    Dive & Conserve with Livingseas

    I can't remember exactly since when I started to think and search for more information about the dive school. That time, I only had...