Tracy Chong

I love nature and I wish to swim with whales one day. If I am not exploring and working in front of my laptop, most likely I will spend the day trying out new recipes or spending time with family or friends.

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Weekend Escape to Universal Studio Singapore

So....my sister got a free Universal Studios Singapore ticket from her company! Then we purchased another one ticket and there we headed to Universal Studio Singapore (USS)! It was just at the right time cause...

Narnia Musical Drama

The photo shooting was not done by myself. And seems like nowadays, photo touch up has become part of Graphic Designer job. Polish off the things that are not supposed to be there and adjust...

Gavio Alchemy Packaging Concept

As what I said earlier that this concept is similar to Gavio 2WIN packaging earlier concept. Transparent box and silver hot stamping. That's about it.

Gavio 2WIN Packaging Concepts

2WIN is the name of this rotating speaker. Overall the look of this stereo speaker is decent but the special part is it can be rotated to 3 directions. When I was given this task,...

On the Way to Taipei

Another day, my brother-in-law brought us to Taipei for sight-seeing. I don't know what place is this, but I saw few men were fishing on the lake? or pond? what it's called precisely? It was...

Resolution for the Year 2010

I attended my first cell group meeting in year 2010 on January 15th. The cell group was held in Woodlands area, about 25 minutes by taking bus 912. If I concluded, the topic of that...


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At a Glance – Unexpected Trip to Hanoi

"Let's go to Vietnam!" That's the message sent via Skype by my good friend for 20 years, Erni, who has been longing for a holiday...

Ibis Style Benoa Bali Hotel

I went to Bali on 27-29 October 2012 to attend my friend's wedding. I chose to stay at Ibis Style Bali Benoa which was...

Resolving the Road Traffic Issue in Jabodetabek #AyoNaikBus

We may be dreaming of driving in the less hectic road situation where our energy is used up for steering our car for a...

Loba-Loba Cave Diving in Buton Tengah

Loba-Loba Cave is just one of the underwater caves found in Buton Tengah. Many other underwater caves with various challenges in Buton Tengah have been found and mapped by the local divers.

Dreams In A Time Capsule

Writing down our dreams is one thing, whether it can be fulfilled or not is another thing. And to me, it doesn't really matter if we can achieve it by this year or next year or in another few years later.